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Season Favorite: Minneola Tangelo

Although many citrus varieties look alike, Minneloas are easy to recognize with their knobby “neck” and elongated bell shape. The Minneola is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. They are so distinctive, they earned their own classification, the tangelo. The first crosses were done in Florida in 1897 and California in 1898. The […] Read Post »

Premium Potatoes from Road Twenty Farm

We’re excited to introduce new crop red and golden potatoes from Road Twenty Farm. Available for wholesale exclusively through Veritable Vegetable, these spuds look beautiful and taste amazing. The first potatoes have been hand dug to ensure sizing, consistency and yield. Fresh potatoes (never stored) are harvested, cleaned, cooled and shipped out in short order.  […] Read Post »

Blood Orange Season

  Blood oranges are not only delicious but one of the most beautiful fruits available this time of year. They are believed to have originated in either China or the southern Mediterranean, where they have been grown since the 18th century. They are now mainly grown in Italy, Spain, Texas and California. Sicily is world […] Read Post »

Cool as a Cucumber

The California cucumber season may be over but thanks to our growing partners in Mexico, we will have supply of ‘cukes through the colder months. Cucumber is a fruit from the Cucurbitaceae family. Scientifically known as Cucumis sativus, it belongs to the same family as zucchini, watermelon, pumpkin, and other types of summer squash. The cucumber plant is a creeping […] Read Post »