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The Golden Root

With the increased interest in superfoods, it’s no surprise turmeric has been exploding in popularity. However, this ingredient du jour is not new. In fact, it’s been around for thousands of years in Asian, Indian and African culture and is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia. These days, turmeric is showing up in all […] Read Post »

Want to find a good fleet? Ask lots of questions, she says

Reposted from Trucker News, written by BY DEANNE WINSLETT Company driver Laura Parker, from Portland, Oregon, says finding a woman-owned fleet to work for was one of the best career decisions she’s made. She’s hauled organic produce for Veritable Vegetable, a small woman-owned fleet headquartered in San Francisco, for the past 16 years and plans to drive for […] Read Post »

Do Your Company’s Policies Support Gender Equity?

Reposted from B the Change Weekly Workplace policies can result in enforcing out-of-date or “traditional” gender roles. For example, though 70 percent of today’s mothers with children at home are actively in the workforce, on average, women still have two to three times the amount of caregiving work and domestic duties men have. This imbalance […] Read Post »

The Women-Owned Produce Distributor Selling ‘Food for People, Not for Profit’

San Francisco’s Veritable Vegetable Baked Its Values Into Its DNA “We’re focused on changing the face of the industry by leading by example.” Veritable Vegetable CEO Mary Jane Evans driving a Drexel in the company’s warehouse. Photo by David Matheson Photography.   Organic produce distributor Veritable Vegetable is built from radical roots. Formed in the Bay Area in 1974 […] Read Post »