Safety is Always a Priority

safety signMaintaining a safe work and shopping environment is critical to the Produce Department’s or kitchen’s success. Staying focused on safety in the kitchen, backroom and on the sales floor prevents unnecessary accidents.

  • A clean, organized environment = a safe environment 
    • Remove clutter and debris including boxes, pallets, and spilled produce throughout the day.
    • If rugs are used in front of misting sections or prep stations, insure they lay flat to prevent trips.
    • Clean up spills immediately and use a “Wet Floor” sign to identify the problem area.
  • Take special care when using knives and box cutters
    • When not in use, sheath the box cutter blade inside the cutter.
    • When using a knife, always cut away from your body and stay focused on the task at hand.
    • Keep produce knives clean and sharp. A dull blade is more dangerous; sharpening your knife once a week is recommended.
  • Move product with care
    • Never stack items on a cart or hand truck higher than your line of vision; always be able to see where you are going.
  • Prevent injuries by using proper lifting techniques
    • Maintain the back’s natural “S” curve; use leg muscles to provide strength for lifting (especially for low to the ground items). Bending at the waist reduces strength and flexibility.
    • Avoid lifting in an extended reach position by moving closer to the object.
    • Do not twist your body while lifting; turn to face the object you need to lift.
    • Do not slide an object as you lift to ensure it doesn’t catch on something causing your body to stop suddenly or throw you off balance.
    • Ask for help if the item is heavier than you can safely lift.