Mushroom Mania Has Arrived

The Winter Solstice is just around the corner and there’s no better time to feature mushrooms in your displays and menus.  Their earthy flavors and meaty textures can be the star attraction of a meal or serve as a perfect complement to other items. Select from the diverse offering from Far West Fungi to bring mushrooms front and center!

Grown in California — Certified Organic 

fwf shiitake-mini-farmShiitake Mini Farm Gift Box — They have a full-bodied, meaty texture and distinctive woodsy flavor. They are one of the most versatile culinary mushrooms. Please note Mini-Farms given as gifts should be gifted and setup within 7-10 days of purchase.
fwf tree oyster mini farmTree Oyster Mini Farm Gift Box — Imagine clusters of hundreds of succulent, shellfish-like mushrooms that can reach the size of 18 inches in diameter. This Mini-Farm requires light misting to produce three to four crops over a two month period. It grows fairly well in warm climates as well. Expect one to two pounds of mushrooms with proper care. Please note Mini-Farms given as gifts should be gifted and setup within 7-10 days of purchase.
Abalone-Mushroom-150x150Abalone, 3 pounds bulk — Shaped like the aquatic shellfish, the abalone, the skin is ivory white with small golden lines and perforations throughout its surface. Its flesh is crisp, white, dense and spongy with an earthy, buttery flavor.
Maitake, 3 pounds bulk — Color varies from pure white to tan to brown depending on the amount of sunlight they received prior to harvest. The intense roasted chicken flavor absorbs companion flavors when cooked. Texture is firm and crunchy.
fwf namekoNameko, 3 pounds bulk — Sweet forestry/earthy flavor with a hint of cashew; texture is velvety.
fwf - PioppiniPioppini, 3 pounds bulk — Sweet and nutty with a spicy flavor when dried. A wonderful substitution for Porcini mushrooms.
Fresh Wild-Crafted — Non-Organic
fwf-black-trumpetBlack Trumpet (Europe), 5 pounds bulk — The cap blends fluidly into the stem, both with a pungent earthy flavor. The texture is soft yet chewy and the aroma sweet.
Chanterelle (California), 5 pounds bulk — Dense and meaty with a peppery flavor and an aroma of apricots. Color ranges from orange to gold; the wavy, fleshy caps have ruffled false gills that flare upward along the stem forming an abstract tulip. The stem is chewier and more fibrous than the cap.
FWF-HedgehogHedgehog (California), 5 pounds bulk — This upright mushroom has a wide indented cap containing downward projecting teeth on its underside. The stem is stout, truncated and firm. The texture is very meaty and the flavor hearty, described as nutty, peppery and sometimes even fruity.
Matsutake (California), 5 pounds bulk — Pleasant cinnamon aroma, complex but light pine flavor and a firm almost crunchy texture.
fwf-porciniPorcini (California),5 pounds bulk — Rich, nutty and slightly meaty flavor with a smooth, buttery texture. This mushroom emits a yeasty aroma. It has noticeably higher water content than other edible mushrooms.
yellowfoot-mushroomsYellowfoot (USA), 5 pounds bulk  — Also known as winter chanterelles, they are not actually in the chanterelle genus; rather, they’re considered a species of Craterellus, the same genus as black trumpets, and like that mushroom, they too are hollow, though with chanterelle-like ridges underneath the cap.

Meet the Grower: Far West Funghi

The farm is a 60,000 square foot growing facility strategically located in the heart of Monterey Bay in Moss Landing. Just ninety five miles south of San Francisco, the farm is 1/4 mile from the Pacific Ocean. A steady ocean breeze and northern coastal fog makes it ideal for a consistent outside temperature throughout the year and a perfect location to grow mushrooms.

The family’s mission is to consistently produce quality mushrooms and provide customer service with a high level of commitment and dedication. Quality control is maintained through trained lab technicians who inspect all mushroom spawn to ensure pure mushroom cultures. Skilled care and attention are given to the mushrooms when growing, harvesting, grading and packing for freshness. The farm uses a balance of modern and traditional growing techniques in order to maintain high quality mushrooms while ensuring minimal impact on the environment.