Utilize Ad Programs

  • Expand your set. Large impactful sets help fuel the customer’s impression of the value of an item. If you put an item on Ad, it is probably your strategy to increase the sales volume of that item. Make sure the set expands to a size to meet your sales goal. If the goal is to increase sales volume by 10%, increase the display to a size corresponding to 10% growth.
  • Spread the wealth. When multiple items are on Ad, distribute the items throughout the department. This helps give your customers a sense of value in many areas as they walk through the produce section. The initial set a customer sees upon entering the area should be a seasonal Ad item. As customers continue shopping, additional Ad items in high traffic areas create more impulse purchases.
  • Mix your margins. When building larger Ad sets with lower margin items, make sure to incorporate partnered impulse items with greater margins to help offset the lower margin item’s impact. This is a great way of blending margins to achieve your target while also building the customer’s basket size (for example, combine a set incorporating tomatoes on Ad with bunch basil priced at a higher margin).
  • Make sure Ad item signage is unique from regularly priced items and easily identifies the item as “on special.” Keep all Ad signage consistent, so customers immediately recognize Ad items. Increase interest by displaying the signage so it is easily read from multiple paths the customer may take to the set.
  • Provide your team with knowledge. Make sure every team member knows the unique facts about Ad items. Speaking knowledgeable with customers about grower, season, length, uses and taste profiles differentiates your store from a competitor with a like item on AD. Building customer product knowledge helps increase future sales of items when the item is no longer on Ad.