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Bridges Produce Grower Partner Rico Farms Introduces New Program to Improve Farm Workers’ Lives

Reposted from, originally published on April 27, 2017 HERMOSILLA, MX – Employees at Rico Farms are enjoying the fruits of their labor, as the company announced the completion of construction of an amphitheatre and recreation area for its 600 employees, thanks to Fair Trade Premiums from the Fair Trade USA program.  “We want to […] Read Post »

Lakeside Organic Gardens donates $2 million toward education programs

reprinted from:   Produce News, first published January 11, 2016 Dick Peixoto’s dream of having an educational facility to showcase organic farming is closer to becoming a reality. He and the Peixoto family have contributed $2 million dollars to the development of an organic and sustainable agriculture learning center. This center will be a resource for […] Read Post »

California Endive Farms Grows A Unique Product

reprinted from the CAFF newsletter; written by Stacy Nuryadi The Collins Farm is a 195-acre farm based in Davis, California owned and operated by Rich and Shelly Collins. Through their farming, the couple strives to share their love of celebrating food, farming and life as they continue to grow their sustainable and diversified farm program. Though […] Read Post »