What’s Fresh?

B is for Bacon (Avocado)

With the determined and successful marketing of the domestic and import Hass avocado industry; somewhat left behind and misunderstood is the winter Bacon avocado. When was the last time you really gave the creamy Bacon avocado a fair shake and enthusiastic introduction with your customers? Did you know that before the hybridization of Hass that […] Read Post »

Shake Up the Veggies

With Thanksgiving in the home stretch, we are all eager to let out that collective sigh of relief for having braved the busiest time of year. It’s a time of year when we push ourselves to make sure every last order is filled. It is this experience that helps us become better at navigating the […] Read Post »

Getting into the Holiday Swing

With November under way, we all know this is one of the industry’s busiest times of the year. Thanksgiving is a holiday where we depend on both key and specialty produce items being available to satisfy our customer’s needs. Now is the time to start letting your Account Manager know what those needs are. It […] Read Post »