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Hello, Honeydew

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get excited for melons! Although often overlooked next to summer’s more vibrant melons, honeydew—particularly ripe honeydew during peak season–is glorious! A ripe honeydew bursts with floral sweetness, dripping with juices that taste very much like honey. Its pale green rind surrounds similarly pale green flesh and […] Read Post »

Summer Merchandising Tips

As the seasons change, your produce displays should also change to highlight seasonal fruits and maximize your produce sales. Berries and stone fruit are customer favorites that are ideal for building larger displays. Although the concern of losing product to a display is warranted, with careful planning, you can have a successful display with minimal […] Read Post »

Cherry On Top

It doesn’t get any better than when fresh cherries are in season. The sweet and juicy fruit is a bright reminder than summer is just around the corner. A cherry is the fruit of the plants of the genus Prunus. It is considered a drupe or stone fruit since it contains a pit. It is […] Read Post »

Purple Everything

Purple vegetables have been around for a long time, some naturally and some selectively bred slowly over time to be more colorful. With the spring season here, vibrant purple veggies are popping up everywhere. In addition to their striking color, purple vegetables usually contain higher amounts of antioxidants. A type of antioxidant called anthocyanins gives […] Read Post »