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Bridges Produce Grower Partner Rico Farms Introduces New Program to Improve Farm Workers’ Lives

Reposted from, originally published on April 27, 2017 HERMOSILLA, MX – Employees at Rico Farms are enjoying the fruits of their labor, as the company announced the completion of construction of an amphitheatre and recreation area for its 600 employees, thanks to Fair Trade Premiums from the Fair Trade USA program.  “We want to […] Read Post »

The Color Purple

The arrival of spring brings us beautiful and colorful produce such as the unique and aptly named purple garlic. Garlic has been cultivated for thousands of years for both its medicinal and culinary attributes. There are over 600 varieties and within the garlic family, garlic is classified as either hardneck garlic or softneck garlic. Even […] Read Post »

What is Rhubarb Anyway?

Rhubarb is often considered the darling of the spring season. While it’s technically a vegetable, it’s often prepared as a fruit in culinary practices. Rhubarb is sold by the stalk, similar to celery. It is well known for its beautiful crimson stalk color but can often be found in varying shades of light pink and […] Read Post »

Peas, Please

Spring is in the air and we could not be more excited! One of the earliest crops that makes an appearance are California peas. Sugar snap, snow, English—we love all spring peas.  It’s hard to resist their vibrant green color and sweet flavor that reminds us of spring and sunshine. Snow, snap and English peas […] Read Post »