A Time for Reflection

Black Lives Matter


To Our Community,

We stand in solidarity with all those who oppose systemic injustice in America, and in the world.  None of us is alone in our grief, not only for lives lost, but also for the racism, divisiveness and violence we see fully exposed in our society.  We support direct action and peaceful protest; we condemn opportunistic violence and arson.

Our work at Veritable Vegetable has always been about social justice. It’s ingrained in our values and integrated into our actions. We move food, literally, increasing access to good, fresh food while also striving for equity, inclusion, and activism. We believe that what raises women up, in particular, raises all people.  We value the dignity of labor in our supply chain, and put our energy and resources to building a sustainable and resilient food system for all people.

We do not tolerate racism. We celebrate diversity within our community, and know there is still much more work to do together. We want to honor and recognize the struggle that Black people experience in their daily lives. Those of us with privilege must use it now to listen, speak out and take action. Veritable Vegetable plays an important role in our City, region, and nation; we will remain vocal and visible as leaders. We will continue to lead by example.

We are thankful for the creative citizens that make up our community: staff, customers, growers and community partners, and we know we are all stronger in collaboration.


Forward together, not one step back.

Mary Jane Evans, CEO

Bu Nygrens, Director of Purchasing

Karen Salinger, Director of Sales

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