About Veritable Vegetable

With over forty years of dedicated experience, Veritable Vegetable (VV) distributes high quality, organic produce to independent cooperatives, retailers, restaurants, schools, corporate campuses and wholesalers.  VV supports small and mid-sized organic growers by providing broader access to the marketplace and maximizing the return farmers receive for their product.  Based in San Francisco, our distribution area includes California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico. READ ABOUT OUR ROOTS »

A Values-Driven Business

As a social enterprise, Veritable Vegetable lives its values and serves as a model for other businesses.  Every aspect of our business demonstrates our values: Integrity, Community, Excellence, Innovation, and Sustainability.

As a certified B Corp we believe in putting our business to work for the greater good. LEARN ABOUT OUR VALUES-BASED APPROACH »

A Culture of Sustainability

Sustainability is a deeply ingrained value. We consider the environmental, social and economic impact of every decision we make. OUR SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS »

We Believe in our Team

We honor and value the hard and important work of our staff whether in our warehouses, trucks, offices, or in the greater community. JOIN US »

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