America's Original Superfruit


Cranberries, botanically known as Vaccinium macrocarpon, are one of only a handful of major fruits that are native to North America. The fruit is a berry that is initially light green, and turns red when ripe. The firm flesh is creamy white in color and has a crisp texture. There are four small air pockets in the center of each berry that gives it buoyancy and bounce. The berries grow in bogs, or low-lying dry areas that are flooded with water in the winter to protect the crop, and then again in the fall for harvest.

Cranberries have an acidic and tart taste. They can be used whole, fresh, or cooked. Store in the refrigerator up to a week, or in the freezer for up to nine months. Add these seasonal treats to your order today!


Marketing Your Store

Tammy from New Moon Natural Foods

Consumers are bombarded with information all day, every day. It’s important to remind your customers what sets your store apart such as your mission, your values, what makes your store special, and why you support the growers and vendors you do every day. Find ways to share your story daily. Customers often forget so it never hurts to reiterate your unique values in different ways. Keep in mind, new customers, who do not know your story, may come into your store every day. Here are a few tips on sharing information with your community and beyond.

  1. Engage Your Staff: Have your clerks pick out three of their favorite farms. Ask them why these are their favorites. Make sure you supply them with more information about those farms. Now you have just armed staff with talking points on why you support these farms and who these farms are. This helps customers instill trust in your knowledgeable and caring staff.
  2. Offer Samples: An easy way to engage in an interaction with a customer is to offer them a sample of some amazing product from one of their favorite farms. This gives the clerk the perfect opportunity to talk about the farm and the store’s connection with the farm.
  3. Promote yourself: Talk yourself up with posters, signs, and printed messages. Write about your accomplishments in newsletters and on social media. Make a sign promoting your compostable produce bags stating you are committed to reducing plastics. Have rotating farm information signage in your department. Nobody has the same story you do with the farm. How did you meet and start doing business together? Why does your store choose to buy from this farm? What are they doing that is outstanding? Make the information personal to your store.
  4. Social Media: Social media is still an under-utilized tool by many stores. Be your biggest advocate on these free platforms! There is no easier way to reach consumers and spread your story than a simple post. Research shows that people really respond to and rely on social media for information and discovering new things. To benefit from social media, it does need to be done correctly. Update your posts consistently (daily if possible), respond to comments, and post at peak times (11am-2pm).


New & Exciting!:

  • Jazz Apple*: Low acid, sweet-tart flavor. In good supply.
  • Asparagus: Purple and green in steady supply.
  • Avocado*: MacArthur avocados are here now. Considered to be a connoisseur’s avocado, they are large and pear-shaped with paper-thin, pebbly skin. The yellow-gold flesh tastes slightly sweet and nutty. Perfect for spreading, mashing, and puréeing.
  • Cranberry: Tart flavor. Fresh cranberries have a bouncy quality that indicates ripeness.

Mushroom Mix

  • Specialty Mushroom*: Chanterelle, Lobster, and Matsutake mushrooms are available for pre-order. We have a great selection of specialty varieties this fall. Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in pre-ordering!
  • Persimmon: Fuyu and Hachiya are in good supply. Fuyus are sweet, squat, and more doughnut-shaped. Hachiyas are astringent and acorn-shaped, with a pointy bottom. They will be sweet only when very ripe or overripe.
  • Pomegranate*: Arils are now available. These are ready to eat or to be used in a variety of applications. Pomegranates are in strong supply and tasting great.
  • Orange Bell Pepper: Mexico-grown. In better supply.
  • Sweet Potato: New crop and in great supply.
  • Floral: Dried bouquets from Fully Belly Farms are now available. These are perfect for fall decorations!



  • Fuji Apple: Flavor is low in acid, mild, and very sweet with hints of honey and citrus.
  • Honeycrisp Apple: Pleasant and balanced sweet-tart flavor.
  • Smitten Apple*: One of the best apples we’ve tasted in a long time. Refreshing crunch with perfectly balanced flavor.
  • Valencia Orange: In good supply.
  • Lemon: Juice-grade lemons have sharp pricing and look great.
  • Lime: In good supply with sharp pricing.
  • Scarlet Royale Grape: Seedless red grape with a crisp, sweet and light Muscat flavor.
  • Thompson Grape*: Paper tote bags from Marian Farms will be winding down in a week. Add these popular sellers to your order before they end for the season!
  • Green Kiwi: In great supply.
  • Bartlett Pear: In great supply. Crunchy and tart when fresh. When fully ripe, develops sweet juicy flavor and, buttery texture.
  • Starkrimson Pear: In good supply. Thin crimson skin. Mild taste with a sweet-tart flavor.

Brown Turkey Fig

  • Brown Turkey Fig *: In strong supply. Add these decadently sweet treats to your order today!

*Staff Pick



  • Strawberry: Supply is steady, but volume is limited.
  • Raspberry: In tight supply. Import supply is not expected for a few more weeks.
  • Blackberry: In tight supply.
  • Green Bean: Extremely tight. We are getting as much as we can when we can.
  • Cauliflower: Prices are high and supply is limited.
  • Brussels Sprouts: In limited supply as we transition to Mexican product.
  • Key Lime: Gapping for a week.
  • Peas: English and snow are gapping. Sugar snap are in better supply.
  • Burdock Root: Small gap as we transition to Washington-grown supply.
  • Okra: In limited supply.
  • Roma Tomato: Limited as the season winds down.
  • Dry-Farmed Tomato: Limited volume as the season winds down. Add these to your order today before they’re done!
  • Cantaloupe: Tasting great! Supply has tightened as local product is done for Fall. Mexico production is starting up slowly.


Done for the Season:

  • Concord Grape
  • Thomcord Grape


Download Oct 18 2019 Produce Notes



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