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Fall has arrived and apple season is coming on with full force! It’s an apple wonderland with varieties in every color and a flavor profile for every apple enthusiast! 

Although first cultivated in the region of Afghanistan thousands of years ago, the golden age of apples existed from the late 1700’s to the late 1800’s. In that time there was incredible public interest, with people going so far as to rate, review, and follow the types of apples the way we’d follow a celebrity today. This strong public attention resulted in the development of 14,000 varieties worldwide. Today there are only about 7,500 known varieties, 90 of which are grown commercially, compared to “back-yard” family gardens. 

Heirloom apples are any variety that was grown pre-World War II and before the advent of large commercial farming. Renewed interest in heirloom varieties has brought rarely seen apples back onto the market. Many cultivars are building a following due to their unique flavor, history, cold hardiness, and disease resistance. Some of these include Ashmead’s Kernel, Cox’s Orange Pippin, King David, and Ribston Pippin. 

From heirloom to specialty to the more classic Honeycrisp, Fujis and Galas, our apple program has you covered this season.  Our selection will change frequently as new varieties come on so check back often! 


Merchandising Corner: 

Apple Display

Apple Appeal 

Apples are generally available year-round, but heirloom apples and the new season domestic crop is here for the next few months with new varieties popping up weekly. Here are a few suggestions to keep your apple displays interesting and fun throughout the season. 

Decorative Baskets: Use decorative display baskets to create multiple levels. They are also great to use when making smaller displays to feature several types of heirloom apples. Baskets are great to use if you are carrying different varieties that look very similar. Don’t forget to place signage on the baskets! 

Color Breaks: Avoid grouping similar colors together. This helps distinguish all the different varieties so each can stand out. 

Cross Merchandise: Cheese is an easy complementary item that pairs well with apples. Dry cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano can sit out of refrigeration for short periods of time which makes them a perfect cross merchandising item in any display. 

Fall Themed Displays: California pears and hard squash are also coming into season. These can be displayed together to construct attractive fall themed displays. 

Thanksgiving Displays: As we approach Thanksgiving, make a baking themed display featuring pie apples like Pink Lady and Granny Smith. This is a great way to promote apples and keep them moving when customers are starting to focus on and plan for the upcoming holiday. 


New & Exciting! 

Early Wonderful Pomegranate: Large, deep-red color, thin skinned and delicious, sweet-tart flavor. Wonderful variety and arils coming soon. 

Fuyu Persimmon (left): sweet, honey-like taste. Ready to eat when firm or just barely soft. Fuyu Persimmon

Hard Squash: It’s bin season! Mixed variety bins and straight bins of Acorn, Butternut, Delicata and Spaghetti available now for preorder.  

Heirloom Apple: Dozens of fun new varieties are turning up. Ashmead’s Kernel, Cortland, King David, Jonathan and many more delicious apples here now! 

Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin (right): Stock up for Halloween celebrations! Bins are available for pre-order only! Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin

Maple Candy: Delicious maple candy is the fall treat we’ve all been waiting for! Great alternative for a healthier Trick-or-Treat offering on Halloween.  

Mexicali & Mexicola Avocado*: Mexicali has thin edible green skin while the Mexicola has edible black skin. Both are small fruits with rich, nutty flavor. Local favorites in Mexico! 

Quince: Produces a tantalizing aroma reminiscent of pineapple, guava, Bartlett pear and vanilla. In its raw form, quince is hard and astringent. But when cooked, the flesh softens and can be made into quince paste, put on oatmeal, added to tarts/pies and more! High natural pectin content firms up berry pies and grape jelly as well. 

San Marzano Roma Tomato: thinner and more pointed than traditional Roma tomatoes. Known for low acidity and sweeter, stronger flavor.   

Warren Pear: green skin with occasional red blush. Sweet, very juicy with buttery smooth flesh.  



Asian Pear*: Great local supply and assortment during the peak of the season. Check out the Niitaka, known as the ‘King of Pears’ in Japan and prized for its size and crisp juicy flavor.  

Black Plum: Plenty of Angelino plums available! 

Bosc Pear (below): with a long, curved stem, full rounded base, and warm cinnamon color, the Bosc pear is easily one of the most elegant pears. Combined with honey-sweet flavor and juiciness, this is sure to be a season favorite! Bosc Pear

Granny Smith Apple: the quintessential sour tart apple. Perfect for tarts, pies, applesauce and other baking applications.  

Grape: red, green and black grapes are still in good supply. Plenty of options for all your grape needs. Concords are a seeded variety with beautiful deep purple skin and classic “grape jelly” flavor. Offered in a sustainable, compostable paper tote. 

Heirloom Tomato: steady volume and sharp pricing from VV exclusive grower, Veliz Organic Farm 

Jalapeno: readily available. This mild pepper offers plenty of flavor with just a touch of heat. Chock full of the compound capsaicin, jalapenos are anti-inflammatory! 

Spaghetti Squash: smooth, sweet and nutty flavor. Once cooked, the flesh separates into strands like angel hair pasta! 

Yellow Peach: Last Tango peaches have steady supply for several more weeks.  

*Staff Pick 



Aloe Vera: gapping 


Cabbage: green and red prices are going up 

California Grown Hass avocado: getting scarce; domestic season is winding down. 

Fig: winding down, prices are on the rise 

Okra: winding down for the season 

Persian Cucumber 

Valencia Orange 


Done for the Season: 


Hamburg Muscat Grape 

Red Plum 

Reed Avocado 


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