Artichoke Displays for Spring

Merchandising Corner

Artichokes are generally in season year-round but we tend to think of them as “peaking” in spring, and we expect to be fully stocked by April. They make a great addition to any display and are versatile as they can be displayed in a refrigerated case or at room temperature on a dry table. When selecting artichokes for display, look for firm ones that give only slightly when lightly squeezed. A little give is acceptable, but completely soft chokes should be moved out quickly. Check the globes for freshness daily; trim any dark ends and withered stems to keep the product looking its best. Here are some display ideas to get your customers excited.

  • Display alongside olive oil, fresh bunched herbs, lemons, as well as salt and pepper grinders from the mercantile department of your store.
  • A colorful red, orange, and yellow bell pepper display can be made more interesting by adding asparagus and artichokes, as color breaks.
  • Sometimes a simple seasonal display can be bold, like a nice offering of large grapefruit and artichokes. The light orange of the grapefruit and the green of the artichoke complement each other well.
  • As the weather warms up, creating a grilling display with artichokes, asparagus, onions, pineapple and mushrooms is a great way to get customers excited for the start of the upcoming grilling season. If you start your planning now you can coordinate with your grocery team and get some charcoal briquettes and skewers to work into the display to make it all come together.


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