Banana Merchandising Tips

banana display

Bananas are your produce department VIPs, your number one selling item, so it’s very important to store, handle merchandise properly. For retail stores, aim to stock #4 color and #5 color bananas and possibly a few greener #3 color bananas. Here are a few tips to help keep your bananas looking sharp! 

  • Upon arrival, open the cases and pull back the plastic to allow air flow. This will keep your bananas from sweating and becoming over ripe. 
  • Clean and rotate your banana display. Wipe down the display surface and keep it clear from any build up and debris. 
  • Display bananas with rounded side down. 
  • Place greener fruit on the bottom and top with riper fruit 
  • Don’t stack too high. Two layers high is perfect! 
  • Bananas are fragile, handle with care. 
  • If you are hanging your bananas on a rack, hang with rounded side facing out 

Hanging Banana Display

Not sure about which color correlates to banana ripeness? Check out our Banana Ripening Chart. 

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