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With 40 years of dedicated experience as an organic produce distributor, Veritable Vegetable sources and supplies the highest quality organic produce on the market and provides unparalleled customer service.  We understand flavor, quality, freshness, cost, consistent supply, and diverse product selection differentiate you from your competitors. Our green fleet demonstrates our commitment to moving produce from grower to you in the most sustainable manner possible. HOW IT WORKS »


Our Produce

  • We offer an exceptionally diverse product line (750 items on average/day).
  • We display farm labels on our Availability List, so you know exactly which farm your purchases support.
  • We pick-up product directly from farms daily and aim to deliver it as quickly as possible, meaning it’s as fresh as can be.
  • We update our Availability List daily, so you have accurate insight to create an order. 
  • Our real time inventory provides accurate order fulfillment.

Our Growers

Veritable Vegetable works hard to actively improve the sustainable food system by supporting small- to mid-size organic farmers. Our diverse selection of products comes from growing regions throughout California, the Southwest, Mexico, and beyond.