B&J Ranch Citrus Display Contest Winners

Veritable Vegetable recently partnered with our exclusive grower, B&J Ranch, to offer our retail customers a fun seasonal citrus display contest.

B&J Ranch is a 25-acre farm located in the desert in the Coachella Valley near the Salton Sea in Thermal, California. B&J Ranch grows and packs highly coveted grapefruit, oranges, tangelos, and tangerines. Owned and operated by Bill Jessup, B&J Ranch has been in existence for 51 years. He partnered with VV early on to market his fruit to customers; today, Bill sells exclusively to VV.

Bill Jessup B&J Ranch

We want to thank all the stores that participated, and it was really great to see all the beautiful displays that were built.


Congratulations to our winners!

Most Creative Display: Eureka Natural Foods in McKinleyville, California

Citrus Display

Created using recycled produce materials! The only piece that was purchased was the lattice.


Most B&J Citrus SoldSacramento Natural Foods in Sacramento, California

Citrus Display


We also want to give a shout out to all the other stores that participated:

Eureka Natural Foods in Eureka, California:

Citrus Display

New Moon Natural Foods in Truckee, California:

Citrus Display

and Roberts Market in Woodside, California:

Citrus Display

Thank you again to everyone that participated! Talk to your Account Manager and add some delicious, beautiful citrus to your orders. Support growers like B&J Ranch before the season ends!

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