Celery- The Mild but Mighty Staple


Celery is extremely low in calories but a plentiful source of fiber, water, and phytonutrients. Despite its mild-mannered benefits, celery has been featured in Mediterranean and East Asian civilizations for thousands of years! Ancient literature shows celery was used for medicinal purposes and adornments for significant events. In Greece, celery was considered a holy plant and even worn by winners of the Isthmian and Nemean Games as a wreath!

Culinary celery cultivation began in the 1600s in Europe. In the United States, celery cultivation began in Michigan in the late 1800’s. Today, the average American consumes six pounds of celery per year!

Celery is a popular staple in holiday recipes so be sure to “stalk” up your produce displays with this fibrous vegetable. Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in pre-ordering bins.


Holiday Planning with Rebecca McDowell from Penngrove Market

Penngrove Market

Penngrove Market is a small, relatively new market with a big following in Northern California’s Sonoma County. The store has been open just a little over two years and this will be their third Thanksgiving. Hear from Rebecca McDowell, co-owner of Penngrove Market, about how things are going at the store and what their plans are for navigating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Sales Trends: Sales have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the pandemic. Initially things were extremely busy and unpredictable. But November sales have stabilized and have settled in close to 40% growth over last year. Shopping seems to have become routine for customers and they are expected to stay loyal through the holidays. We feel strong ties to the community and shoppers are excited for our offerings.
  • Product Offerings: It is a little unpredictable of what customers are planning on doing, so we are focused on carrying items that are staples and heavy sellers and ensuring we don’t run out of stock. Pre-packaged products and pre-bagged items will be readily available to help ensure customers they are buying items that haven’t been overly handled by the public. Our kitchen will also be offering pre-orders for pre-made holiday meals as well as many prepared sides in the grab-n-go case.
  • Holiday Crowd Control: Our store doesn’t typically experience large rushes many other large stores may have. It’s one of our benefits that our customers enjoy—it’s never chaotic! Curbside pick-up is offered currently and will not be going away anytime soon.
  • Plan Ahead: Get ahead of the holiday and don’t wait to showcase what products you’re offering. Customers are planning for the holidays now and taking mental note of what is in stock and pricing. Try dropping prices now to be more enticing. This is a strategy that works well at Penngrove Market.


New & Exciting!:

Jewel Sweet Potato

  • Jewel Sweet Potato*: California-grown and from VV exclusive grower Sea to Sky Farm. Copper skin and deep-orange flesh. Mild flavor.


  • Rambutan*: Small, oval to round in shape. Rind is semi-thick, firm, and covered in soft protrusions known as spinterns. Flesh is translucent white and succulent, encasing a light brown seed. Flavor is sweet and fruity—similar to a lychee. Good source of copper, fiber and vitamin C.

Did you know…. the name Rambutan is derived from the Malaysian word “rambut,” translating to mean “hair,” and is a descriptor given for the fruit’s spinterns?

Satsuma Tangerine

  • Satsuma Tangerine: Red-orange leathery and oil peel known as “zipper skin.” Easy to peel. Firm flesh is fragrant and juicy with a very sweet flavor. Nearly seedless.

Tommy Atkins Mango

  • Tommy Atkins Mango*: Import in plentiful supply with sharp pricing. Broadly oval shaped with a green skin covered with a dark red blush with orange and yellow accents. Thick skin covers the firm, deep yellow flesh. Juicy with somewhat fibrous flesh. Mild, sweet flavor.



  • Celery: In strong supply with very sharp pricing. Bins available for pre-order.
  • Cranberry*: In strong supply with sharp pricing. Incorporate these tart and essential holiday fruits into your displays! Bags are perfect for customers looking for easy-to-grab packaging.
  • Eggplant: Mexican globe eggplant in strong supply with sharp pricing. California-grown specialty eggplant in good supply. Talk to your Account Manager if you’re interested in ordering some!
  • Hard Squash*: Acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, red kuri, and spaghetti all in very good supply.
  • Kiwi*: California-grown and in great supply!
  • Onion: In strong supply going into the holidays. Build some colorful displays with this holiday essential.
  • Pear*: Barletts in strong supply. Green to golden yellow skin. Flesh is cream-colored, moist, and fine-grained. Crunchy, tart, and juicy. Smooth, buttery texture and sweet flavor. Bosc in good supply with great pricing. Red Starkrimson in good supply with very sharp pricing. Crimson skin covers ivory cream-colored flesh. Moist, crisp, fine-grained with a soft floral aroma. Mild, sweet-tart flavor.
  • Pomegranate*: In good supply and looking great.
  • Potato: Russets in good supply with promotional pricing. Yellow in very strong supply with sharp pricing.
  • Raspberry: Mexico-grown berries are in good supply with sharp pricing.
  • Watermelon: Mexican fruit in plentiful supply.

*Staff Pick



  • Dino/Lacinato Kale: Prices trending up. Cold weather will impact production and supply.
  • Green Beans: California-grown in very limited supply. Oncoming low temperature and freezing conditions will impact production and might end the season early.
  • Finger Lime: Gapping until December.
  • Lettuce: Green and red leaf in tight supply with prices on the rise. Iceberg somewhat limited as growing regions transition. Supply is expected to improve in late November.
  • Passion Fruit: Gapping in supply.
  • Red Bell Pepper: Limited with prices trending up.
  • Romaine: Lettuce and hearts in very limited supply with high pricing.
  • Savoy Spinach: In limited supply through November. Production is expected to improve in December.
  • Tomatillo: Winding down for the season so get them while you still can!
  • Tomato-on-the-Vine: In very limited supply with expected gaps.


Done for the Season:

  • Abate Fetel Pear
  • Okra
  • Dry-Farmed Tomato
  • Californian Hass Avocado
  • Californian Slicing Cucumber
  • Californian Soft Squash
  • Comice Pear
  • Corn
  • Kiwi Berry
  • Plum
  • Pluot
  • Yellow Peach


Download November 6 2020 Produce Notes

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