Citrus Spotlight: Blood Orange

Blood Orange Produce Notes 2-11-22

Blood oranges are a unique fruit. They have rich red flesh and taste like a sweet orange that has been infused with tangy red grapefruit alongside raspberries and cherries. The three most common varieties are Tarocco, which is most popular in Italy; Sanguinello, which is native to Spain and is sweet with very few seeds; and Moro, the newest of the three and one of the sweetest varieties.

Blood oranges have been known for over 400 years and are believed to originate from Sicily. They actually have protected geographical status in Italy! Blood oranges grow best in regions like the Mediterranean and California; their unique color is triggered by cold temperatures, so cool winter nights are key to darker red flesh.

Blood oranges get their vibrant red color from anthocyanins, which are very rare in citrus, and usually much more common in berries and flowers. While anthocyanins were once thought of as only a source of pigment, it is now understood that there are numerous health benefits associated with them, such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

As we move towards spring, this seasonal citrus won’t last long. Enjoy this delicious fruit while you can!

Fun fact: Blood oranges are the most popular orange in Italy and Spain.


Merchandising Notes

produce retail merchandising with good signage

Managing a Successful Ad Program

Curating a great advertising program is essential for keeping customers excited and coming back. Some of our most experienced customers have given us a few tips for how they run killer promotion programs.

  • Track Inventory: Keep an eye on your daily inventory and know how much product is moving. This is key when selecting good items to put on ad. It’s easier to increase sales on an item that customers already love and frequently buy. By tracking inventory, you will be able to give accurate projections to your suppliers and secure products for your ad cycle.
  • Pricing: Attractive sale pricing is very important. Finding the sweet spot for an item’s pricing will directly affect product movement. With a great ad price, you can more than double your normal movement.
  • Displays: Display location is very important to consider when planning your ads, because you need to make an impact on customers the moment they walk into the department. Place displays in high foot-traffic areas. Build a large display with popular items that tend to move quickly. Proper placement is essential for optimizing movement and success.
  • Promote: Work with your marketing team for in-store and social media support to bump up your ad offerings. Print out special in-store signage for products like staff picks, testimonials, flavor notes, and recipe cards. Promoting the ad on social media is a good way to get the word out to the public and bring them into your store.


New and Exciting

Cherimoya*Cherimoya (left): Cherimoyas have a sweet and complex taste that has been described as the best parts of a pear, a berry, and a pineapple, all in one. To enjoy, cut open the fruit and eat it with a spoon! The texture inside is similar to a banana or a soft pear. The seeds are not meant to be eaten.

EverCrisp Apple: Sweet, juicy, and firm. Lives up to its name—staying crisp in storage and packs a loud crunch with every bite. Cross between Honeycrisp and Fuji.

Green Gage Plum: Highly coveted plum that offers balanced and sweet flavor similar to dried apricot, ripe mango, and citrus marmalade. Considered the “the truffle of plums.” Particularly great for baking or jamming. Super popular in Europe.

TDE: TDEs, also called Triple Cross Tangerines, are seedless and easy to peel. They have firm, juicy flesh that is sweet, slightly tart, and rich in flavor.

Tulip: After a difficult early crop loss due to bad bulbs, they are finally coming on. You will see them in mixed bouquets, and also in ‘all tulip’ bunches from Thomas Farm.

* Staff Favorite



Blood Orange: Strong supply and simply delicious. They’re as versatile as they are beautiful, and can be eaten raw, juiced, put into salads, or even into cocktails.

Broccoli: Good volume and competitive pricing on this classic super food.

Cara Cara Navel: Steady supply for the next few weeks.

Grapefruit: Ruby, Rio Red, and Cocktail are readily available from B&J Ranch, an exclusive grower for VV. Expect steady supply through the next several months. Plenty of choice grade fruit on hand at promotable prices!

kent mangoGreen Kiwi: These California-grown green kiwis have a taste that is fresh and tangy-sweet.

*Kent Mango (right): Featuring a mostly dark green skin with small patches of red blush, Kent mangos have gold-to-orange flesh that’s both sweet and rich.

Meyer Lemon: Juicier than your typical lemon, with lower acidity, and a slightly sweeter taste.

Murcott Tangerine: Generally seedless with sweet, tart flavor! Perfect for little hands and lunchboxes.

Berry - RaspberryPink Lady Apple: Sweet and tart flavors, as well as that famous pink hue. This fairly new variety has become a favorite for apple lovers everywhere.

*Raspberry (left): Perfect for your Valentine’s Day merchandising, quality and supply are strong.

*Royal Mandarin:(right) Cross between a tangerine and orange, Royals are juicy with sweet flavor and a hint of spiciness. Easy to peel with some seeds. Learn more about this seasonal favorite in this ~2 minute tasting video!

Vimeo video royal mandarin

Russet potato: Excellent supply and sharp pricing. Perfect for baking, frying, mashing, or roasting.





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