Collaborate With Us

Collaboration is highly valued at Veritable Vegetable and we actively participate in our community -- on a local level (the Bay Area, our home base), on a regional level (where we do business) and on a national level (the big picture).  VV partners with community organizations, businesses and institutions to support important efforts to protect the viability of farms and increase access to fresh, organic foods in diverse communities.


Veritable Vegetable welcomes the opportunity to offer a “peak behind the scenes” to youth groups and community organizations. We are particularly interested in sharing our knowledge regarding:

  • Organic standards and certification, and the farmers we work with
  • Storage and handling of produce
  • Our trucks and the transportation of produce
  • Food systems
  • VV philosophy of honoring workers
  • The history of Veritable Vegetable

Tours generally last 1 -1 ½ hours and can include a tour of the warehouse and a truck, and a roundtable discussion or question and answer session. We prefer groups of 20 or less, though we can accommodate most sized tours. Children’s groups must be accompanied by a reasonable number of chaperones (based on age of children). REQUEST A TOUR »


Thank you for your interest in partnering with VV for an upcoming event or effort.  Unfortunately, we are not accepting donation requests until next year.  We will look forward to collaborating soon! 


Veritable Vegetable sponsors events, workshops, and conferences that support farmers and increase food access.  If you are interested in having us sponsor your event, PLEASE CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW.