Community Collaboration

Collaboration is highly valued at Veritable Vegetable and we actively participate in our community–locally, regionally, and nationally. VV partners with like-minded organizations, businesses and institutions to protect the viability of farms and increase access to fresh, organic foods for all people. 

Community Garden

Ways we partner with our community:

  • Donate food to anti-hunger organizations including San Francisco Marin Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, & Glide Memorial. Unsellable food even goes to the Oakland Zoo!
  • Provide free fresh organic fruit to children by partnering with municipal school districts & wellness programs.
  • Sponsor organizations & events that increase access to food, promote food sovereignty, build an equitable food system & reverse climate change
  • Participate on boards of organizations to support small scale sustainable farms, regenerative agriculture & influence food policy
  • Share our expertise at trade conferences, panels & webinars as thought leaders for organic agriculture & the trucking industry
  • Conduct tours of our warehouse & operations to school groups, growers, customers, colleagues and policy makers

Interested in collaborating with us? We would love to hear from you. Send us a message or submit a form for a warehouse tour or partnership request below.


At this time, we will not be accepting tour requests. Check back soon!



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Donations and Sponsorships

Veritable Vegetable donates produce and sponsors events, workshops, and conferences that support farmers and increase food access. If you are interested in partnering with us, please submit a request form. 

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