Delivering Organic

Whether it’s called logistics, supply chain management or “big truck in, little truck out,” distribution is a critical step to getting products to market. As an organic produce distributor, Veritable Vegetable plays a vital role in moving fresh fruits and vegetables from farm to table.  We value sustainability so much, our hybrid fleet of trucks is near zero emissions. We always look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and increase fuel efficiency.   LEARN ABOUT OUR FLEET & DRIVERS »

At VV we recognize and honor the labor that goes into growing, handling, transporting, and preparing fresh food.  At VV, we treat our staff fairly, and contribute everything we can to a healthy, safe, and vibrant workplace.   READ ABOUT OUR UNIQUE WAREHOUSE & CREW »

LTL Freight Services

As part of a long-standing commitment to the environment, we aim to keep our trucks full in every direction.  By operating the lowest emission equipment on the roads, we reduce our carbon footprint while increasing fuel efficiency.  In order to keep our trucks full, we’ll haul anything from beer to plant starts.  If your freight needs align with our routes and schedules, we can provide Less-than-Load (LTL) refrigerated freight services. MORE ABOUT LTL FREIGHT SERVICES »

CCOF Certified Organic Handler

Veritable Vegetable has been a Certified Organic Handler through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) since 2002. VV is proud of the role we played in developing the certification standards for distributors.  LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CERTIFICATION »

On the Road 365 Days Per Year

We move produce from California to New Mexico and many places between.  Our extensive routes throughout California and the Southwestern states allow us to serve customers of all sizes.  We’re known for our awesome drivers, and our excellent customer service.  VIEW OUR SERVICE AREAS »