Disaster Resources for Farms

Fire damage at Sea to Sky Farm

Sea to Sky Farm in Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz County, California


To Our Community,

Our heart and thoughts are with you, your families and crews right now. We know many of you may have been impacted by the wildfires here in California, displaced or worse. Our logistics and resources are available; we want to hear from you if there is anything we can do to help. Veritable Vegetable is closely monitoring the situation in affected regions; we are standing by, and at the ready.

We’ve compiled a list of general resources to support preparation and recovery that be helpful to you or your business during this fire season and ongoing.

Disaster Resources

  • These preparation resources from Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) will help prepare your home, land, family, and community for the possibility of disaster. A little time spent preparing now may go a long way later.
  • Check out recovery sources from CAFF including financial aid, land management, livestock recovery, product safety and food recovery information and much more.
  • The California Department of Insurance offers a free service to locate the insurance policy for your property if located in an area designated as a disaster.
  • The CCOF Foundation Bricmont Hardship Assistance Fund provides direct financial assistance to organic producers who suffer financial losses due to extreme hardship.

We recognize that not everyone shares the same needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact marketing@veritablevegetable.com, or your regular contact at VV, if there are ways we can support you and your community. We will continue to share any helpful resources available to us.

We’re here for you. Stay safe.

Veritable Vegetable

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