Early Spring Displays

We are currently in a period of transition as we await spring’s official arrival. As winter products start to move to different growing regions, this may cause gaps and inconsistency in supply. There are still some great items ready to make their seasonal debut. Mangoes and Pixie tangerines are both great items to feature as we transition to spring. Mangoes are in great supply and will be readily available for the next few months. Mangoes are easy to work and make for colorful, fun, and tropical displays. Pixie tangerines from the Ojai region in Southern California are another item that customers have eagerly awaited all winter for. These are some of the best citrus of the season! Pixies are just starting up and are available until July, so there is plenty of time to promote this special item. Here are some tips on building displays of these early spring favorites:

  • Build Large Displays: Mangoes are the number one selling fruit in the world. Don’t be afraid to build a robust display! They do well stored at room temperature and they also come in the perfect sized box for stacking right on the sales floor! A half pallet is the perfect volume to build a sizable display.
  • Cross Merchandise: Mangoes can easily be worked into any dry table display. They complement avocados and peppers, and citrus very well. They also display well with other tropical fruits like bananas, pineapples and papayas.
  • Pre-Packed Bags: Make it easy for your customers to grab a pre-packed bag of Pixie tangerines!
  • Signage: When many are fatigued by all the winter citrus, add signage to your Pixie tangerine displays touting their appeal! Pixies are seedless, easy to peel, and the perfect child-friendly sized sweet treat. Customers have waited all winter for these treats, so make sure to prominently announce their arrival!

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