Festive Fall Displays

Merchandising Corner

Pumpkins are an obvious choice for setting autumn decor, but don’t forget about pomegranates, kiwis, and persimmons! Take advantage of the vibrant color and the unique shape and texture of these items to make your displays pop.

Read on for some tips to build and maintain stellar fall displays.

  • Jack-O-Lantern and Decorative Gourd Bins: Put a layer of milk crates on the bottom of the bin to lift the pumpkins up, making the bin look fuller and the produce more accessible. Side stack pomegranates, mini pumpkins, and gourds to make the bin of Jacks stand out.
  • Kiwi: These should arrive firm and will ripen over a few days to a week. As the kiwi ripen, they become soft and sweet, but may wrinkle a bit. Look for overly-wrinkled fruit and cull those from your displays, or use for sampling.
  • Pomegranate: Larger fruit tends to sell faster, but smaller fruit is often available at a better price point. Watch out for fruit with hardening skin, as this is a sign of severe dehydration, and needs to be pulled. Softer pomegranates are still good, and often taste sweeter.
  • Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmons: Educate customers on how to tell the difference between Fuyu and Hachiya, when to eat, and how to gauge ripeness on a Hachiya. Consider placing signage to help illustrate. Hint: ripe Hachiya starts to feel like a water balloon! Placing in the freezer overnight and allowing to thaw is a quick way to ripen Hachiyas.

We hope you enjoy creating some fantastic displays with these ‘wonder-fall’ favorites! Reach out to your Account Manager if you’re interested in setting up time with Kerri Williams, our Merchandiser, to revamp your fall displays.

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