Getting Product Information to Customers

Social Media Example

Before the current health concerns, produce departments were free to cut product for customers to taste and sample. Since this is no longer recommended, stores have had to adapt to new ways to connect with customers. One way to safely engage customers and share information about new products and ever-evolving store protocols is to ramp up your social media presence. Customers are turning to social media to get up-to-date news from businesses they frequent. Here are some ways you can utilize your social media platform to maintain a personal relationship with customers:

  • Sampling Videos: Post videos of staff cutting, tasting, and talking up the products they are excited about. Conduct a blind taste test as a fun and interactive way to talk about the flavor of items.
  • Informative Posts on New Products: Post videos or photos of new products that are arriving in your store. It’s great to talk up the health benefits of products. Share video walk-throughs of the produce department while highlighting what’s new or staff favorites.
  • Behind the Scenes: A short clip of a local farmer making a delivery, shots of product being prepped in the backroom, or an awesome time-lapse video of the floor being stocked before opening are all great things to post on social media. Highlighting staff stories, birthdays, or celebrations is a positive trend that many stores are doing. Candid staff photos are also great to include so shoppers can see happy, familiar faces that are now hidden behind masks.
  • Show Updated Store Layouts: Another useful video could be a “where is it located” themed video. If you know there are products that customers are frequently asking about, make a video talking it up and direct shoppers on where to locate it in the store.

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