Grape Expectations

Green Grapes

Grapes are in peak-season and tasting amazing! Thompson Grapes are one of the most well-known seedless grapes. They are green, sweet, firm and almost crisp.

William Thompson, an English born viticulturist, emigrated to the United States and later settled in California in 1863. He was successful in grafting grape cuttings to produce large, sweet, thin-skinned seedless grapes. This new grape had great potential for winemaking, being a tasty table grape, and had great attributes for making raisins. They were named Thompson’s Seedless and quickly gained popularity for their size, high sugar content, ability to ripen early and transport ability. They were the first variety of grapes commercialized without seeds.

Grapes are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and provide great hydration. Marian Farms offers Thompson grapes in a recyclable paper tote that make for beautiful displays. Talk to your Account Manager to add some to your order today!


Organics Unlimited GROW Banana Display Contest

GROW Bananas    GROW Infographic

Organics Unlimited is hosting a banana display contest to promote their social justice program: Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers (GROW). The contest features GROW program bananas and will run for the month of September in honor of GROW month!

How to Enter:

  • Sign-up to participate by August 25, 2020.
  • Send your name, phone number, and store name to You will receive GROW face masks for each one of your produce staff. Include the number of masks you need in your email.
  • Build display and submit photos to by October 1, 2020. Send the name of the person building the display, store name, address, phone, email, and list Veritable Vegetable as your distributor.
  • Displays must be up for a minimum of 1 week during the month of September.
  • Earn extra contest points by putting display photos on your store’s social media feeds and tagging #VoteGROW2020
  • Winners will be chosen and announced October 15, 2020. A grand prize will be awarded as well as prizes to all participating stores.
  • Find easy to download GROW POP materials HERE.

This is an opportunity to put on your creative caps and build a spectacular banana display that will enhance customers’ shopping experience, boost sales, highlight the importance of the GROW program and support banana growing communities in Mexico and Ecuador.


Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Show GROW bananas with PLU stickers clearly visible
  • Use of Vote GROW 2020 slogan in displays and social media
  • Highlighting of GROW program and what it means
  • Creativity


New & Exciting!:

Abate Fetel Pear

  • Abate Fetel Pear: California-grown. Medium to large size with a tall and slim shape. Exterior has yellowish-brown russet over green coloring. White flesh is semi-crisp with a melting, velvety consistency. Rich sweet flavor with notes of honey.
  • Bronx Grape*: Mind-blowing delicious. Thin skin is translucent pale green to rosy pink. Juicy with an almost candied flavor. A cross between the Thompson and Concord grape varieties. Available from Lagier Ranches in a compostable paper clamshell. Great for retailers!

Hatch Chile Pepper

  • Hatch Chile*: Grown and harvested from the Hatch Valley region, New Mexico. Large in size with very thick walls. Earthy flavor and crisp texture. Available in medium or hot spicy levels.


  • Jicama: California-grown and in good supply. Oval-shaped root vegetable. Rough brown skin and juicy, crisp, white flesh. Flavor is somewhat sweet with a texture and taste similar to a water chestnut.

Pink Pearl Apple

  • Pink Pearl Apple: Medium-sized heirloom variety. Creamy pale green skin reveals bright pink colored flesh. Sweet-tart flavor and crisp texture.
  • Red Gypsy Pepper: Small to medium size with an elongated shape. No-heat sweet pepper. Flesh is crispy and juicy. Great in both raw and cooked applications. Excellent source of vitamins C, A, B6, and K. Also contains folate, manganese, potassium, and copper.

Did you know…Gypsy peppers are a hand-bred cross between a sweet pepper and a bell pepper? Like most peppers, Gypsy peppers transition from a pale yellow-green to a deep orange-red as they ripen and mature.

Starkrimson Pear

  • Red Starkrimson Pear: Smooth and thin red skin is mottled with dusty green coloring. Flesh can be Ivory to cream-colored. Moist, fine-grained, and creamy with a slight floral aroma. Flavor is mild and sweet-tart. Great variety to use for displays!



  • Banana*: Sign-up for the Organics Unlimited GROW banana display contest by August 25th! Prizes will be awarded to all participants. Talk to your Account Manager to add GROW bananas to your order!
  • Bartlett Pear: California-grown with very sharp pricing.
  • Berry: Mexican Raspberries in great supply with sharp pricing. Washington-grown blackberries in good supply with sharp pricing.
  • Cherry Tomato*: California-grown in plentiful volume with sharp pricing.
  • Gala Apple*: New crop California-grown Gala apple bags in good supply. Great item for retailers to carry for customers looking for easy-to-grab pack types.
  • Kent Mango: Mexican fruit in plentiful supply with promotional pricing.

Orange Honeydew

  • Orange Honeydew*: Tasting great and in good volume. Firm and juicy flesh with a honey-sweet melon flavor.


*Staff Pick



  • Basil: Limited in supply as heat wave has affected quality.
  • Bean: Romano and yellow beans gapping.
  • Blueberry: Supply is tightening with prices on the rise.
  • Bok Choy: In limited supply with high pricing.
  • Corn: In limited supply. Availability is expected to improve by the last week of August.
  • Granny Smith Apple: Availability limited as California season is just starting and import is winding down. Gaps may occur.
  • Lettuce: Heat waves have impacted harvests.
  • Plum: Black and red plums in limited supply.


Done for the Season:

  • Apricot
  • Tangerine


Download Aug 21 2020 Produce Notes

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