Awe Sum

Awe Sum Organics partners with growers in New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Peru and California who share their vision of promoting sustainability through organic agriculture. Their family of growers, including JB Organics, Zespri, Organik Time, PAI / Tango, Sol Sol, Cal King and Patagonia Growers provide delicious organic fruit grown in a manner that respects the Earth and its people.

Awe Sum Organics embraces Fair for Life certification—the philosophy of fair trade is core to Awe Sum Organics’ company values. Sustainability for the environment, the planet, their growers and workers are priorities. Through Fair for Life, Awe Sum Organics growers and their communities benefit from fair wages, good working conditions and funding for education, healthcare and wellness programs, which makes a big difference in the lives of those who grow and pack their fruit.

Awe Sum Organics is proud of the outstanding quality of their produce. The label works closely with their growers to ensure unbeatable taste and performance. Frequent visits to the fields, orchards, processing and packing facilities keeps them closely involved. They share their expertise every step of the way, providing consultation on fertilization, growing, harvest, and post-harvest practices.


Apple, Blueberry, Grape, Kiwi, Fruit, Nectarine, Pear, Plum