Buck Brand

Buck Brand

Deek Creek Heights Ranch, famous for their Buck Brand citrus label, is a 270-acre orchard farm based in Terra Bella, in California’s Central Valley. Its hillside location ensures a warmer climate than surrounding land and provides an opportunity to grow items that are not common in California.

The Buck Brand label was started in 1987, when Lisle and Mary Lou Babcock bought the farm in California, which was covered in heirloom orange groves. They were adamant about experimenting to find new varieties and making bold choices with the fruit they grew, including preserving heirloom and less common citrus. Buck Brand started growing Finger Limes 10 years before they became the hot culinary item they are now. While the Babcock family sold the farm in 2017, the Buck Brand label is still thriving and is being managed by Homegrown Organics, who are ensuring the farm’s entrepreneurial spirit lives on.

Buck Brand grows over 40 varieties of citrus, including lesser known fruit like Buddha’s Hand, African Shaddock Pomelo, Pink Lemon, and Lemonade Lemon. They take pride in producing high-flavor fruit that provides an exceptional eating experience.


Buddha's Hand, Tangerines, Mandarins, Grapefruit, Pomelo, lemons