Heath Ranch

Heath Ranch

Heath Ranch was founded in 1978 by Ron and Melanie Heath, the same year the farm started working with Veritable Vegetable. Heath Ranch got its start when Ron decided to purchase the previously owned Pehrson Farm, with no farming experience. Fortunately, he had help from the previous owners in the early years, and the rest is history!

Although small at just 20 acres, Heath Ranch offers an impressive variety of fruits and fresh items that has earned the farm quite the reputation. In addition to Navel and Valencia oranges, as well as Satsumas they grow unique citrus varieties, such as Seville oranges. The farm also produces olives, raisins, and fresh chestnuts. The Heaths believe diversity keeps the farm thriving.

Fun fact: Once a year, the Heaths used to invite Japanese farmers onto the ranch to see their operation. The Heaths didn’t speak Japanese, and the Japanese farmers didn’t speak English, but somehow it worked!


Chestnuts, Navel Orange, Valencia Orange, Satsuma, Olives, Raisins