How to Get Ahead of the Christmas Rush

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How to Get Ahead of the Christmas Rush

There is often a shopping lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and retailers who take advantage of this time generally have a much better experience during the holiday season. Take this opportunity to strategize and tackle small projects so your store can continue running smoothly during the upcoming Christmas rush.

Tidy up: Now is a great time to do a deep cleaning and reset your displays. Schedule time when your store is not open to break down tables and give them a good cleaning.

Advertise Popular Items: Plan some exciting specials or ads to keep customers interested. Build a large citrus display to bring color into your department. Specialty citrus, like Satsumas, are here and in good supply. Amazing apple varieties like Honeycrisp, Cosmic Crisp, and Pink Lady are always a big hit with customers. Blackberries and raspberries sell well at this time, as do the strikingly green-skinned domestic avocados, Bacon, and Zutano.

Social Media Promotion: Promote all the spectacular new produce and holiday items available. Post recipes your customers can try and list out ingredients they will need. Try to show high quality images or fun videos to really get your customers excited!

Get Ahead: Catch up on any projects that got pushed to the side during Thanksgiving. Promote Christmas specials as early as possible. Plan out your weekly schedules as far out as you can. Catch up on recording invoices and credits. Don’t wait until after the New Year to play catch up!


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