How to Merchandise Bananas

banana display

Bananas are your produce department VIPs, your #1 selling item. They are also very fragile and should be handled delicately. It’s important to clean, rotate and keep your display fully stocked. For retail stores, we recommend stocking #4 and #5 colored bananas and possibly a few greener #3s. Check out our banana ripening chart for reference or download your own copy here. 


Here are a few tips to help keep your bananas looking a-peeling! 

  • Upon arrival, open the cases and pull back the plastic to increase air flow to the bananas. This will keep your bananas from sweating and becoming over ripe. 
  • Clean and rotate your banana display daily. Wipe down the display surface and keep it clear from any build up and debris.
  • Handle fruit with care when setting up your display to prevent bruising.  
  • Display bananas with rounded side down. 
  • Place greener fruit on the bottom and top with riper fruit 
  • Don’t stack too high. Two layers high is perfect! 
  • If you are hanging your bananas on a rack, hang with rounded side facing out so that they are easier to grab. 


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