How to Merchandise Grape Totes

We’re so happy to see greater demand for more environmentally-friendly packaging, such as paper totes for grapes; and we appreciate the growers who have always provided this option, like Capay Canyon Ranch, Heinke Family Farms, Fruitworld, and Marian Farms.

Tote bags are easy to stack, and make for some great displays; read on to learn how to improve your grape merchandising!

  • The Biodynamic Thompsons from Fruitworld or Marian Farm are a unique heirloom grape, and tend to have a loyal following. It’s worth giving them their own display.
  • Asian Pears are here, and they are a great complementary produce item to any grape display, as they help break up the look of totes and pouches. Remember, having color and texture breaks are important when building displays.
  • Try not to stack grapes more than two to three high. Any higher, and you risk damaging the product or making your display unstable.
  • If your displays are on unrefrigerated tables, pull the product at night and store it in the cooler. This will help prolong the freshness.
  • Cull through your product daily, pulling out all tired and damaged fruit.

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