Let's Talk Shelf Talkers

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shelf talkers in a grocery store

Let’s Talk Shelf Talkers

Retail signage, especially shelf talkers, plays an important role in customer education and product promotion. During busy periods, shelf talkers can be an extension of your produce department, sharing product information when clerks may not have time to chat with customers. Just a little bit of info can build shopper confidence and push them to try a new item or buy more!

Here are a few tips to create and use your shelf talkers effectively.

  • Address the common FAQs. How should I store this product? How can I cook it? What does it taste like? Shelf talkers are great at addressing these common questions, and save your staff time for more pressing tasks.
  • Be strategic. Not every item needs a shelf talker. Consider the items you want to call out and get people excited about, the items you need to move fast, or the items you get the most questions about. You can also rotate shelf talkers from week to week, depending on what needs to be pushed. Keep everyone guessing what will be featured next!
  • Add some flair. If your signs have blank space, add in some extra details that can help drive purchases, such as promotional pricing, farm information, or something as simple as ‘NEW!’ or ‘Staff Favorite.’
  • Cross sell. If your shelf talker includes recommended pairings or ways to cook an item, place those ingredients nearby, and make it easy to add to the basket!

In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, we’ve prepared complimentary shelf talkers of the most popular Thanksgiving produce items. Use these signs to educate staff and customers, drive sales, and celebrate these beloved holiday staples.

Download and print our complete set of Thanksgiving shelf talkers.

Simply cut and display on your produce shelves. Laminate for reuse, or recycle when no longer needed.

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