Make your mangoes look their best!

Make your mangoes look their best!

Citrus is winding down and stone fruit hasn’t fully kicked in yet, so what item is in good supply? Mangoes! Mangoes are delicious and easy to work with. They’re one of the most eaten fruits on the whole planet, they’re versatile enough to work with any display, they are forgiving, and have a long shelf life!

Here are a few ways you can showcase mangoes in your department.

  • The tropical grouping placement is the most obvious way to display mangoes. Floor stack next to your banana table or give them more space with your pineapple, papaya, and cherimoya. Keeping the topicals together boosts the visibility of the category.
  • Mixing mangoes in with avocado, lemon, lime, chili peppers, and tomatoes is another great way to manage a display. Guacamole and salsa are side dishes that customers make frequently. Mixing mangoes in with those items inspires thoughts of mango salsa and mango guac.
  • Melon season is fast approaching. Combining mangos and melons in a well-located area can bring attention to both and promote sales on both items.
  • Watch for quality. Although mangoes are extra sweet and delicious when they are wrinkly, over wrinkled fruit doesn’t look great in a display. Inspect fruit for soft spots and dark discoloration. If you have a prepared foods section, these fruits can be used for processing. It is also best to keep mangoes and all tropical fruit out of refrigeration. Store and display them at room temperature.

Mangoes are so popular that they practically sell themselves, so get some now!

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