Melon Varietal Guide

Assorted Melons

It’s melon mania time! Nothing is quite as refreshing as a ripe, sweet melon at the peak of the season.  Here’s the secret to picking the perfect melon: use your senses. A ripe melon will give off a pleasant, fresh aroma. Tap the melon and listen for a dull thump. If a melon feels heavy for its size, that means it is likely to be sweet and perfect to eat right away. Learn more about all the varieties we’ll be carrying this season – from the classic watermelon to the eye-catching Piel de Sapo!



Ambrosia Melon


  • Petite size, resembles a small cantaloupe
  • Sandy hued exterior has rough netting that becomes increasingly pronounced as melon reaches ripeness
  • Pale orange flesh is very sweet, juicy, and tender with slight floral nuances
  • Sweet aroma



Canary Melon

  • Flesh has a pale greenish hue
  • Fairly soft texture when it is ripened
  • Tangy and sour flavor



Cantaloupe Melon

  • Netted and smooth skin
  • Bright orange flesh
  • Very sweet flavor



Charentais Melon

  • Heirloom French melon
  • Widely popular for its sweet and refreshing fragrance
  • Bright orange, super sweet flesh



Crenshaw Melon

  • Large in size, averaging 8-10 pounds in weight
  • Yellowish-green, hard rind has a rough corrugated texture void of netting
  • Skin turns golden-yellow at the peak of ripeness and will have slightly waxy feel
  • Dense and tender peach-colored flesh
  • Flavor is very sweet and slightly spicy



Galia Melon


  • Hybrid melon between the Honeydew and the Cantaloupe
  • The more orange in color the exterior skin is, the higher the sugar content of the melon’s flesh
  • Chartreuse flesh has succulent texture
  • Signature spicy-sweet flavor with tropical aromatics



Goddess Melon

  • Oval shaped with slight suturing and medium coarse netting
  • Resembles a cantaloupe
  • Soft orange flesh tastes exceptionally sweet and juicy



Hami Melon

  • Large in size-closer in scale of a watermelon than a cantaloupe
  • Golden yellow, lightly netted skin
  • Inner flesh is a pale, coral color and surrounds a large central seed cavity
  • Crisp flesh is juicy and refreshingly sweet
  • Floral and sweet aroma
  • Long shelf life



Harper Melon


  • Looks very much like cantaloupe but slightly less tan
  • Netted exterior rind
  • Inner flesh is salmon-orange with a firm yet exceedingly succulent texture
  • Slightly less aromatic than other traditional varieties
  • Sweet flavor rich with bright honey tones


Green Honeydew

Honeydew Melon

  • Perfectly spherical with a smooth and slightly waxy, cream-colored rind
  • Pale green flesh is sweet and juicy
  • Flavor has notes of honey and cucumber


Orange Honeydew

Orange Honeydew


  • Oval to round in shape
  • Smooth rind is pale yellow-green
  • Salmon-hued flesh is honey sweet


Piel de Sapo

Piel de Sapo Melon

  • Name means “toad skin” in Spanish
  • Oval and long, with a striking rind
  • Sweet white flesh



Sharlyn Melon


  • Exterior resembles an elongated cantaloupe with a thinner, mosaic-like netting
  • Pale green flesh is soft near the center and firm near the rind
  • Distinct, perfume-like fragrance
  • Flesh has a balanced sweetness
  • Short shelf-life and should be eaten within a week of harvesting



Seeded Watermelon

  • Varieties include seeded, seedless, and mini
  • Trademark two-toned variegated green skin
  • Juicy, aromatic sweet flesh
  • Crisp and succulent texture

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