Merchandising During a Crisis

Surf Market in Gualala, CA

Photo Credit: Surf Market in Gualala, CA

We all are in uncharted territory these days while trying to navigate servicing customers safely and practicing social distancing. We’ve all had to get creative to efficiently do our work while protecting the health of staff and the greater community. Here are some best practices we are seeing at retailer locations:

  • Pre-packing product: Pre-pack products for added convenience and safety. This is helpful in reducing the number of people touching the products. While this can be labor intensive for items like bulk greens that will need to be in plastic bags with labeling, it is a quick and easy process for fruit and dry vegetables that can be placed into paper totes.
  • Closing to the public one day a week: This may not sound ideal, but some stores are closing one day a week to allow their over-worked staff to rest and shop, or to do extra cleaning and prepping, uninterrupted.
  • Limiting the customers in the store: Allowing only a certain number of customers in at one time makes it easier to maintain proper social distancing while shopping.
  • Floor markers to maintain six feet between customers: Stores are putting markers on the floor indicating the recommended six feet of distancing. They are placed outside the store for those waiting to enter and in check-out areas. Tape and cones are commonly seen.
  • Offer ways to disinfect: Place hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes near entrances to customers can clean their hands, the cart or basket when they enter.

It’s vital to remain flexible during these uncertain times. Let your Account Manager know what methods you are using in your stores. We’d love to learn more about what everyone on the frontline is doing.

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