Merchandising During a Crisis

Strawberry and Rhubarb Merchandising

Merchandising during a global pandemic sounds daunting, but there are some simple solutions to keep your community safe. Shoppers have shifted towards purchasing less handled products or safely pre-packaged items. Berries already come packaged in environmentally friendly cardboard or recyclable plastic clamshell packs. As we head into peak berry season, both of these options are easy to work with and perfect for building displays. Packaged berries are also a perfect product to cross merchandise in several locations all over the store.

Some stores are using their labor hours to package and bag up bulk items. This addresses many concerns customers have of products being heavily handled or exposed. Produce departments are keeping their team members in the back instead of being on the floor to pack items like mushrooms, potatoes, loose greens, peas, and beans. This allows customers to have more personal safe space to shop.

Many products we offer already come packaged ready for retail sale. Talk to your Account Manager for a full list.


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