Merchandising Heirloom Tomatoes

Merchandising corner

‘Tis a great time to be an heirloom tomato! Field merchandiser, Kerri Williams, catches up with some growers to talk all things tomatoes. Here are some in-store display tips as well as what tomatoes the growers are excited to see this season.

Display Tips

  • Cull through your tomato displays daily, looking for the less than perfect fruit. This will not only keep your product looking fresh, but will also help reduce tomato-loving fruit flies.
  • Change the display every few weeks to keep it from looking stagnant, and display recipe cards in-store, as well as on social media. This will keep up customer excitement.
  • Work complementary products into tomato displays, like garlic, olive oil, basil, and cilantro.
  • Raise or stack heirlooms a few layers high on a good-sized table. Spread out all the colors evenly and really draw attention to just how striking these tomatoes can look.

Growers’ Picks

  • The heirloom mix by Veliz Organic Family Farm is the most popular item from the farm, and contains full-flavored tomatoes that people are always clamoring for, like the Purple Cherokee and Brandy Wine.
  • San Marzano Romas are a fan-favorite. They are considered “the king of canning and cooking.” Their meaty texture and lack of moisture makes them perfect for pico di gallo or salsa fresca, and excellent for roasting.
  • Early Girl Saladettes are perfect all-around tomatoes because of their versatility, size, and amazing flavor.

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