Merchandising Ojai Pixie Tangerines

Merchandising Corner

Ojai Pixies are about to hit the market and we’re thrilled. These sweet, seedless tangerines are some of the yummiest we’ve tried this season. Ojai Pixies are a late season fruit grown in the Ojai Valley, in Southern California. This super-popular citrus deserves some special placement in your produce department. So, let’s talk about how to promote Ojai Pixies!

  • Create a large display with pre-bagged product. Pre-bagged fruit creates a great opportunity for an impulse buy. The Ojai growers offer free preprinted paper bags, so talk to your Account Manager about getting some with your purchase. (see top of display in photo above)
  • Signage with talking points will help move the product. Some great points are: seedless, kids love them, easy to peel, great for eating out of hand, and super sweet.
  • Try adding fresh flowers to your display. Bright colorful bouquets complement the sweet orange gems and really make them pop. A beautiful display of flowers and pixies brings together the two best spring items, for one eye-catching display.

Ojai Pixies will have a smaller yield than usual this year, so the season is expected to be short. The upside to the smaller crop is that the fruit will be larger than it has been in the past few years. Don’t miss out; grab some Pixies as soon as you see them listed!

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