Merchandising Springtime Displays


Merchandising Notes

Spring merchandising produce notes 2-25-2022

Merchandising Springtime Displays

The warmer weather has us all thinking about spring and all the new products that are coming with this season. It’s time to start shifting displays around to showcase the new seasonal items. Here are a few tips to maximize your springtime displays.

  • Fresh local flowers are the epitome of springtime. A nicely maintained and well stocked display of flowers is always an attention grabber and creates a strong urge to buy.
  • Keep flowers fresh by storing backstock in a cooler and pulling unrefrigerated product off the floor at the end of the day and storing it in the cooler overnight. Remember to cull through flowers daily, pulling wilted and broken flowers from bouquets.
  • Berries and flowers are always a winning combination. Displaying these two items together always increases sales in both categories.
  • Build focal point displays using several exciting new seasonal items like spring onions, green beans, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, asparagus, mango and specialty citrus. There are endless attractive options to make your shelves come alive!

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