Most Anticipated Spring Items

spring produce display

Despite our prolonged rainy season, spring products are starting to make their appearance. Bring these items in now and get customers excited for the season! Here are merchandising tips for some early-spring items that will have your produce department looking bountiful!

Asparagus & Artichoke: California-grown artichokes and asparagus are sure signs of spring, and both will be in abundance soon. Pair their striking green with orange citrus, bright yellow lemons, white onions, or colorful red apples for an appealing color contrast. Asparagus should be succulent, crisp, and firm. Pull any stalks that look withered or soft. Artichokes should be firm when given a slight squeeze. Post a grilling recipe beside to inspire customers on how to enjoy these delicious vegetables.

Pixie: Pixie Tangerines from Ojai are some of the most anticipated citrus of the season. They are sweet, seedless, easy to peel fruit, and they deserve a stand-alone display. Offer a few pounds of pre-bagged fruit for a quick, impulse buy. Build a combination display of bulk and bagged fruit to give customers options.

Mango: Ataulfo and the soon-to-arrive Tommy Atkins mangoes basically sell themselves, so don’t be afraid to go big with your mango display. This fruit can be worked into any dry table display, and complements avocados, peppers, citrus, and other tropical fruit like bananas, pineapples and papayas. If you don’t have enough shelf space to accommodate a large display, try making floor-stacked displays in a high traffic area. Mangoes store at room temperature and come in the perfect sized box for stacking within your sizable and exciting display.

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