Mother's Day Merchandising

Mother's Day Florals

Shelter-in-Place orders puts a damper on plans for Mother’s Day gatherings. However, many individuals are still planning to show appreciation for their mothers with beautiful bouquets of flowers or other gifts. As with everything we’re doing now, we have to find a new socially responsible way to meet the needs of our customers. Here are some ways to safely merchandise Mother’s Day offerings:

  • Pre-Orders: Offer a nice, but limited, selection of high to low priced floral options. Make it easy for the staff to fill orders. Customers can pick up their pre-orders at stores during designated times.
  • Grab and Go Bouquets: Customers will still be out looking for floral bouquets. Even though many shoppers will opt for curbside pick-up or delivery services, you can still expect a lot of walk-in traffic looking to find the perfect bouquet of specific color, variety or size. Make sure to have plenty on hand with a few options for price points. Check with your floral suppliers about pre-order deadlines to make sure you are covered. It’s also important to space out floral offerings so customers can shop and browse without crowding in one area.
  • Cross Merchandise: Cross merchandise florals with other items such as prepackaged fresh-baked desserts, fresh berries, candy, or champagne displays. Create a few different enticing impulse-buy combos.
  • Fresh-Cut Fruit: Many stores are offering more prepackaged prepared foods now and fresh-cut fruit is always a popular choice. The demand for berries and melon tends to increase before the Mother’s Day weekend. Be prepared with extra supply so you don’t run out.

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