New Year, New Displays

Merchandizing Dec 31 2021

The New Year is here and with the last of the holidays now behind us, we can get back to the basics and focus on fresh, and seasonal produce. Winter provides many great display opportunities. For the most part winter products are hardier and do not require as much maintenance as more perishable spring and summer products. After the holiday rush it can be refreshing and relaxing to present your customers with comfortingly simple displays. Here are some suggestions that are simple but also exciting.

Broccoli is a staple item that all customers love and is great to use when creating a bright, colorful display. Try using lemons or tangerines to accent the display.

Grapefruit season is here. Grapefruit holds up well and looks impressive when displayed in bins or large endcaps. VV is the exclusive representative of B&J Ranch, and we think it is the most delicious grapefruit in California. Ask your Account Manager about merchandising materials to promote B&J citrus.

Onions, hard squash, potatoes and sweet potatoes are cold-weather staples and will continue to be popular items throughout the winter. Make sure to add pops of green to these displays with Brussels sprouts, asparagus, and green beans. Contrasting a bright purple kale or strikingly red beet with a collard green not only looks great, but also encourages buying the items to prepare together.

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