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While there are many cultivars of cantaloupe, there are two main varieties recognized. There is the true cantaloupe, botanically known as Cucumis melo cantalupensis, and the North American cantaloupe, Cucumis melo reticulatus. Both are members of the family Cucurbitaceae.

True cantaloupes have little to no netting and are not grown commercially outside of Europe. They most likely originated in a region from South Asia to Africa. It was cultivated in Europe in 1700 when seeds were brought from Armenia.

Cantaloupes were first introduced to the United States in by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1494. North American cantaloupes are defined by two main elements: its roughly netted stone and green colored skin and its aromatic orange colored flesh. When ripe, the flesh is juicy and sweet with a trademark floral musky aroma. Cantaloupes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Did you know cantaloupe is the most widely eaten melon variety in America?


Webinar: Redefining Produce Merchandising in a COVID Era

shopper at store with mask

Months into the pandemic, nothing is normal. Fueled by anxiety around food insecurity, and shifting urban landscapes, consumers’ shopping habits have shifted drastically.

Join us for a virtual discussion on Wednesday, June 17th 3-4pm (PT) with community-focused retailers.  Hear from several independent and cooperative retailers about the innovative ways they have been adjusting produce strategies during the pandemic.

Speakers include:

  • David Benson, Briar Patch Co-op
  • Emily Souers, La Montanita Co-op
  • Kerri Williams, Veritable Vegetable
  • Simon Richard, Bi-Rite Market

There will be Q&A following the discussion. Register now at:


New & Exciting!:

  • Black Seedless Grape*: California-grown and in good supply. Juicy with a sweet, grapey muscat flavor.
  • Early Dapple Dandy Pluot: California-grown and in good supply. Red, thin, speckled skin with flavorful pink flesh.


  • Floral*: Sunflower single packs are now available from Thomas Family Farm. Looking great and very strong. Talk to your Account Manager if you are interested in signing up for our weekly organic floral availability list!
  • Green Bell Pepper*: Californian product has just begun. Supply is expected to be steady.

Cucumber Lemon

  • Lemon Cucumber: Oval-shaped, thin yellow to gold skin with striping and mottling. Inner flesh is pale green to yellow with edible seeds. Mild, sweet taste with a cool, crisp texture.

Did you know…cucumbers are actually fruits that are commonly referred to as vegetables?

Serpent Cucumber

  • Painted Serpent Cucumber: Slender, elongated, and curved. Thin skin is dark and light green with longitudinal furrows and stripes. Flesh is crisp, sweet, succulent, and mild with a few edible seeds. When sliced, its scent has notes of cantaloupe.
  • Retail Greens*: Jayleaf now offers 1-pound clamshells for Wild Arugula, Baby Spinach, Kale, and Spring Mix varieties.
  • Retail Herbs*: 12-count bunched Rosemary, Thyme, and Spearmint are now available from our exclusive grower Sea to Sky Ranch.


  • Tomatillo*: California-grown and in good supply. One to two inches in size with a characteristic papery outer skin. The slightly sticky husk contains a green fruit. Tart flavor with slightly acidic notes.



  • Diva Apple: Grown in New Zealand. Rich red color. Very sweet, firm, and dense flesh. Juicy and crisp. Does not bruise easily.
  • Grapefruit*: In good supply with very sharp pricing from our exclusive grower B&J Ranch.

Gold Kiwi

  • Gold Kiwi*: Grown in New Zealand and in good supply. Bronze, smooth, hairless paper-thin skin. Golden flesh contains edible black seeds. Tastes sweet and tropical with notes of pineapple and mango.
  • Hass Avocado*: Smaller sizes are in great supply, with sharp pricing.
  • Honeydew: In great supply out of Mexico and California.
  • Seedless Grape*: California-grown red and green seedless grape in great supply with sharp pricing.
  • Sweet Peppers: In great supply with volume deals available. Talk to your Account Manager to order today!

Tommy Atkins Mango

  • Tommy Atkins Mango: Mexico-grown. In great supply with sharp pricing. Juicy with somewhat fibrous flesh. Mildly sweet taste.

White Nectarine

  • White Nectarine*: Artic Sweet variety from Fruit Fairy Farms tastes amazing. Super sweet with a nice acidic balance.


*Staff Picks



  • Baby Bok Choy: Limited in supply.
  • Broccoli: Continues to be limited in supply.
  • Cherry: Washington-grown fruit starting up. Due to very cold weather, production is slow. Fruit is on the smaller size. Availability is expected to be tight for the next few weeks. Rainiers are expected soon.
  • Cauliflower: Tight in supply due to recent hot weather. Gaps in availability are likely until the last week of June.
  • Garlic: Very limited as production is switching to California-grown product. Availability should improve by the end of June when California season will ramp up.
  • Red Bell Pepper: Very limited in supply with possible gaps. Mexican product is winding down very quickly.
  • Tofu: Hodo Soy’s 10-ounce firm tofu is gapping due to production issues.
  • Tomato on the Vine: Gapping.


Done for the Season:

  • California-Grown Cherry
  • California-Grown Asparagus


Download June 12 2020 Produce Notes

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