Our Commitment to You

We are committed to developing long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our growers. Commitment tends to deepen with each season, as both grower and distributor are satisfied with each other’s support. This means you continue to grow and sell your produce, and we continue to buy and distribute it!

How we Determine Pricing

We are proud of our well-earned reputation as being fair business people and returning the highest possible prices to our growers. Usually prices are based on current market value, which can change daily, especially for items like broccoli and lettuce. Other factors include quality, farm or label reputation, and availability of that item in the market (the old law of supply and demand).

Pricing Strategies

Distributors resell your products and must therefore cover the costs of distribution, handling, marketing and transportation of your product to retail outlets. Having a higher price structure if you sell to retail outlets protects your distributors, and everyone in the system works in harmony. Your time and costs should be factored into any delivery you make, whether to wholesale or retail. Please keep in mind if you sell direct to retail, it helps us to be aware of where your product is in the market. Good communication is important to every market strategy.