Our Produce

Working with an organic produce distributor offers one-stop shopping convenience. Our daily Availability List features approximately 750 items daily. You always know what grower you are buying produce from.  We offer:

  • Multiple grower labels for many product categories
  • Competitively priced Organic, Fair Trade and Biodynamic Demeter certified options
  • Split cases on many items , you can even order ½ dozen or ½ case quantities
  • Choice and #2 grade products
  • Non-produce organic items such as:
    • Dairy and eggs
    • Fresh juices
    • Dried beans and grains
    • Nuts and dried fruit
    • Tofu 
    • Tortillas
    • Retail aids

Our longstanding grower relationships mean we often have availability of items during times of short supply.  Our Availability List identifies variety, size/grade, pack type, price, certifier, and grower label name for each item. When ordering online, utilize filters to sort by Farm Name, Produce Item, Distance from VV’s Warehouse, Fair Trade Items, and Featured Items. 

Your orders arrive in excellent condition because we own and operate our fleet ensuring proper temperature control and handling beginning at farm pick-up. Our experienced warehouse crew packs each order with care. CHECK OUT A SMALL SAMPLE OF OUR AVAILABILITY LIST »


Produce Notes

Produce is a dynamic business.  We want our customers to know about market trends, hot items, and weather impacts.  Every other week we publish Produce Notes -- VV’s take on products at their peak in terms of flavor, availability or both. Our goal is to provide information to help you plan the coming weeks’ purchases.  READ PRODUCE NOTES »


Seasonal Availability

Our seasonal availability chart provides an overview for fruits, nuts and vegetables over the course of the year. We hope this is a helpful resource to you and your produce staff.  DOWNLOAD OUR SEASONAL AVAILABILITY CHART »