Our Values

We are unique in our commitment to make every business decision based on our values. We founded Veritable Vegetable on the principles of collaboration, cooperation and interconnectedness and believe in cultivating and nourishing long-term relationships both externally with vendors, customers, and community members, and, internally between staff.

Our award winning green fleet and 99% waste diversion program demonstrate a deep commitment to reducing energy consumption and waste.  We strengthen communities through strong collaborations and deep relationships with customers, growers, and community partners.  We honor labor by paying workers above San Francisco’s living wage, offering an extensive benefits package, and cultivating a fair and dynamic workplace.  VV contributes extensively to community organizations and schools to build awareness of, and support for, a sustainable food system.  Veritable Vegetable is a women-owned business that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges. In 2014 we earned our initial B Corp certification by meeting rigorous standards of accountability, transparency and sustainability. 

VV makes an effort to ensure that our daily work is consistent with our values. Even though distribution hours can be challenging (we operate 24/7), and the work fast-paced and physically demanding, we know we contribute beyond the walls of VV — be it to farmland protection, sustainable food systems, policy change, social justice or increasing food access.

Commitment to Customer Service

Our farmers rely on regular, predictable support for selling the crops they grow. Our customers depend on reliable service and high quality for the products they purchase. Close working relationships with our customers and growers enable us to maintain our high level of service. The conscious integration between all of our various work groups internally is highly tuned, and we think, very unusual.