Pad Your Margins with UTILITY, CHOICE, & #2 Grades

Introducing #2, Utility, and Choice grade produce into some of your displays is a great way to pad your margin. It will also help growers move all their produce, and will allow you to offer customers a better price. Below are just a few items to consider mixing into your current displays.

  • #2 Avocados are a great addition to blend into any avocado display, and Las Palmalitas has good supply of #2 fruit. Some fruit will have discoloration from sunburn, turning patches of the skin yellowish; there may also be scarring from fruit rubbing against a branch. These are only cosmetic issues for the most part, and customers can be guided through these minor defects. ‘Off grade’ produce has a substantially lower cost that you can use to pad your margin or pass onto the customer.
  • Choice Bell Peppers are another great product to offer your customers. The #1 L/XL bells are beautiful, and all tend to be perfect and uniform in size. But what if you just want one small one? For the most part, bells are sold by the pound, so having different sizes is beneficial for the customer that may not want a big pepper. Customers may be perfectly happy with a slightly smaller or misshapen bell pepper for a lower price.
  • Other items to consider are Plains Cucumbers, Baker Potatoes, as well as Medium and Jumbo Sweet potatoes. Anything sold by the pound is the perfect product to mix things up.

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