Persimmon Power

Fuyu and Hachiya Persimmons

Persimmons, whose Latin genus name translates to “food of the gods,” are bringing a bright splash of color to fall. They range from glossy light yellow-orange to dark red-orange depending on the variety. The most commonly eaten persimmons are native to East Asia, and persimmon seeds first came to the United States when Commodore Matthew C. Perry sent them from Japan in 1856. There are two distinct types of persimmon and many varieties of each kind.

Hachiyas are acorn-shaped and taste astringent when not fully ripened. The unripe flesh is tannic and may cause an extremely unpleasant sensation in the mouth. When they are ready to eat, their thin skin is translucent orange and the flesh becomes juicy and custard-like. Astringent varieties are often used in baking and preserving, or dried to make the Japanese treat hoshigaki. Fuyu persimmons are non-astringent and can be eaten while still firm. They are squat in shape. Fuyus taste sweet and mild with a smooth texture.


Thanksgiving Merchandising Tips

Thanksgiving Merchandising

It’s time to transform your department and get into the full swing of Thanksgiving! Start building up those displays of sweet potatoes, yellow onions, russet potatoes, butternut squash, satsumas, and persimmons. These items will start moving in larger volumes through Thanksgiving. Creating bountiful and large displays are an easy way to increase sales.

Customers have been waiting since spring for the return of satsumas. Capitalize on this early-season, high-demand item by placing them in a heavy traffic area such as the entryway. They make for a bright and attractive display. Satsumas are generally a higher-priced item that customers buy in large amounts consistently throughout the season.

Sweet potatoes and yellow onions are not only key produce picks for Thanksgiving, but also staple items in the kitchen during the fall and winter months. These are hardy, low-maintenance products that are easy to manage, so don’t be shy about ordering larger amounts and going bigger on the displays. Potato and onion displays don’t need to be rotated every day, but should be checked daily for soft, breakdown, or sprouting product. Keeping your display fresh is important to keep these items moving.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, start stocking up on your other holiday items like Brussels sprouts, celery, cranberries, mushrooms, green beans, Italian parsley, and all the other culinary herbs. If you have access to your sales information from last year, use it! Tracking the amounts sold the previous year can help you dial in your order amounts for this year. Be optimistic and plan for a slight increase over what you sold last year. A good rule of thumb is 2% growth over the previous year. Following these holiday tips will help you have a successful Thanksgiving season.


New & Exciting!:

  • Arkansas Black Apple*: This heirloom variety has deep-red, almost black skin. It’s one of the darkest skinned of all varieties. Sweet and tart taste. Flesh is yellow, hard, and crunchy.
  • Avocado: Susan avocados are available now for a limited time! Medium sized with edible, light-green, smooth skin. Also peels well. Pale cream-colored flesh and mild flavoring.

 Buddha's Hand

  • Buddha’s Hand: Wild finger-like appearance. Has an oily rind with a fragrant sweet lemon scent. Flesh is void of juice, pulp, and seeds and is inedible raw. Most commonly utilized for its zest.
  • Navel Orange*: Available now! Aromatic, sweet, and low-acid. Balanced levels of sweet, tangy, and tart flavors.
  • Satsumas*: Their thick, red-orange peel is rich in aromatic oils and is known as “zipper skin” as it peels away easily with just a few tears. Flesh is fragrant, juicy, segmented, and nearly void of seeds. Sweet and extremely juicy. Handle carefully, as their loosely attached skin bruises easily and affects its flesh and quality.

Yellow Turmeric

  • Turmeric*: Turmeric is the root stem of a tropical blade-leafed plant. Warm and peppery flavor with very distinct bitter undertones. Flesh is vibrant orange. Grown in Hawaii and in good supply.
  • Galangal: Member of the ginger family. Spicy, floral aroma with crisp and pungent earthy flavor. Flesh is pale yellow, fibrous, and dense.

Tetsukabuto Squash

  • Tetsukabuto Squash: A hybrid of the butternut and kabocha that is small to medium in size. Dark green rind with yellow-gold, dense, flesh. Has a relatively low moisture content and retains a firm texture with a pleasant starchy quality when cooked. Earthy flavor.

Straus Eggnog 32ozAlexandre Eggnog

  • Dairy*: Eggnog is here! We’re offering eggnog from Straus Family Creamery and Alexandre Family Farm. Both are creamy and delicious! Pre-order only.



  • Honeycrisp Apple*: Tasting great with sharp pricing.
  • Rosalynn Apple: Medium to large in size with a round and slightly flattened shape. Skin has a yellow base color, covered in deep red blushing. Crisp flesh with medium-grade texture. Slow to brown when cut open, best for raw applications and fresh eating. Extremely sharp pricing.
  • Valencia Orange: In good supply and tasting great.
  • Cucumber: Slicers are in strong supply with sharp pricing. Persians in good supply. Hothouse are steady.
  • Kiwi*: In great supply.


  • Chestnut: Fresh chestnuts are tasting delicious and just in time for the holidays. Sweet, earthy, and rich flavor.

Did you know chestnuts can completely dry out, harden over time, and become labor-intensive to work with. However, they can be boiled and beautifully revived at any stage.

  • Mushroom: Chanterelles are in strong supply.
  • Pomegranate: In great supply.
  • Potato: Great supply of specialty varieties. Austrian Crescent, French fingerling, Russian Banana, German Butterball, and purple potatoes are all in great supply. Talk to your Account Manager to add some to your order today!
  • Floral: Dried wreaths and bouquets from Full Belly Farm make for perfect holiday decorations. Talk to your Account Manager to subscribe to our organic floral availability list!


*Staff Pick



  • Artichoke: Limited with high pricing.
  • Bean: California-grown green beans are somewhat limited with high pricing. Mexican are in better supply.
  • Cauliflower: Supply remains limited with high pricing.
  • Romaine Lettuce: Supply is tight due to weather.
  • Grape: Supplies are tightening with prices on the rise.
  • Cantaloupe: Limited with high prices.
  • Tomato: Slicer and Roma tomatoes are extremely limited.


Done for the Season:

  • Cranberry Beans
  • Ping Tong Long Eggplant
  • Chinese Noodle Bean
  • Habanero Peppers


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