Planning for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Display

The key to a successful holiday season is to plan early. Starting early ensures supply is there when you need product come November. In most cases, the other departments in your store have already placed their holiday orders. To get good projection numbers, run movement reports from last year and add 3-5% to last year’s amount. Of course, that number is dependent on your store sales. If it has been a slow year there’s no harm in being conservative with your projections. If your business has been steady, aim a little higher. So what items are wholesalers and growers looking for projections for? Let’s take a look at the high demand holiday items. 

  • Cranberry: Giving growers and packers numbers early will ensure they pack enough bagged product or have plenty of bulk cases on hand depending on your preference. Don’t get caught cranberry-less!  
  • Herbs: Thyme, Rosemary, Holiday Mix, Chives, Italian Parsley and Bay Leaves are the most popular holiday herbs. Giving the grower a heads up to expected increased volume will help them plan for theGreen Bean Display extra labor they will need for production and packing. 
  • Green Bean: The supply is always a little shaky leading right up to Thanksgiving so any projected numbers is helpful. This gives wholesalers a starting point on sourcing. 
  • Brussels Sprouts: This popular little vegetable flies off the shelf. Even though there is generally plenty of supply, these seemingly sell out every day. Cover your bases and put in some pre-orders a week or two before the week of Thanksgiving. 
  • Walnut and Chestnut: Nuts are limited and in high demand for Thanksgiving. Now is the time to talk early numbers with your Account Manager. 
  • Bins: If there are any products you would like to offer in bins instead of the traditional case pack like hard squash, celery or yellow onions, communicate that desire soon! 

Thanksgiving bin display

Staple items such as Garnet sweet potato, celery, butternut squash, and yellow onion all tend to be in good supply but if you need large amounts including full or half pallets to build big displays, it would be good to give your Account Manager a heads up about your plans. This pre planning information will help ensure you receive the quantities of holiday items that you need, when you need it. Get started today! 

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