Ruby Grapefruit: the Crown Jewel of Citrus

While we are fans of all citrus, the Ruby grapefruit (AKA Marsh Ruby) stands out as a true treasure this season. Beloved for its beautiful pinkish-red flesh and juicy, sweet, and tangy flavor, this variety is one of the most popular grapefruits in the USA.

Grapefruit originates from the Caribbean island of Barbados, and is a cross of sweet orange & pomelo seeds brought from Asia in the 17th century, some say by a pirate named Captain Shaddock. But it wasn’t until the Ruby was later rediscovered in Texas in 1929, that it became regularly cultivated and popular in the Americas.

Ruby grapefruit is exceptionally healthy for humans, and is a powerhouse of vitamin C. Ruby grapefruit is also rich in lycopene, an antioxidant, which gives the flesh its signature pink-red color. Ruby grapefruit is easy to peel with very few seeds. We love it added to salads, desserts and cocktails, or used as a garnish for seafood dishes, West Indian Island style. At its best, Ruby grapefruit is enjoyed fresh or juiced.

We have a tremendous supply of Ruby grapefruit from B&J Ranch, an exclusive VV grower in the desert Coachella Valley of California. Make sure to add some to your next order!

Fun Fact: Grapefruit is not the same as a pomelo! Check out our article to learn the difference.


Merchandising Corner

Winning Citrus Displays

Does citrus fatigue have you seeing orange? Check out our tips to build attractive citrus displays and keep customers excited about citrus.

  • Color Contrast: Pops of color are an effective way to draw attention and break up a wall of monochromatic produce. Alternating lemon, grapefruit, and different varieties of tangerines can perk up your orange display. And green avocados love sitting next to citrus.
  • Signage/Labeling: Customers want to be able to identify what they are buying quickly. Put up your own signage or use our print ready citrus shelf talkers! Good signage is eye-catching, easy to read, and has all relevant information.
  • Sampling: If your store has a sampling program, encourage customers to try before they buy. This is also a great way to introduce less familiar varieties.
  • Recipes/Tips: Print out recipe cards and provide storage and cleaning tips. The more familiar a customer is with an item, the more likely they are to buy.
  • Cross Merchandise: Create displays of items that are prepared together to encourage customers to buy both. Try mixing asparagus with lemons, Cara Caras with Frisée, or grapefruit and fennel with avocados for salad ideas.
  • Brighten with Flowers: Fresh bouquets will brighten your citrus display and create excitement that spring is around the corner!
  • Offer Convenience: Bags of citrus are always an easy way to inspire an impulse purchase. Try placing a small display of bagged citrus near the check-out line.


Weather Watch

Southern Baja California faced a prolonged cold front bringing frost to many Mexican growers with Jacobs Farm Del Cabo. Production is expected to be down for several weeks and will impact supply of all tomatoes, peas, and mini peppers. Other agriculture regions in Mexico were also affected by the cold front.

Leafy green provider, Jayleaf, reports that cold temperatures along the Central Coast of California has hurt current fields of arugula, causing quality issues.

Hurricane Ian’s damage to crops last fall in Florida has been re-estimated to top a billion dollars. Short supply back East will affect citrus prices in California next season.

Heavy rains on the West Coast last month have relieved some concerns about our 7-year drought, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

Some good news: after a disastrous 2022 crop, cherry growers in California, Oregon, and Washington are hopeful that 2023 will be an excellent year! Fingers Crossed!


Produce Resources

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New and Exciting

Bartlett Pear: Argentinian-grown pears are coming on. The first arrivals are fairly green, but when fully ripe, Bartletts develop a sweet flavor with a juicy, buttery texture.

Gold Kiwi: Unlike its green cousin, the Gold kiwi has smooth, hairless skin with a light bronze exterior color. The golden flesh contains edible black seeds, and is very sweet, even sweeter than green flesh kiwi. Grown and imported from Italy.

Honeydew Melon: Great supply coming out of Mexico. The Honeydew has pale, green flesh and a rich aroma. As the melon ripens, both the fragrance and the flavor become sweeter.

Murcott Tangerine: A cross between a tangerine and a sweet orange, the Murcott is extremely juicy and sweet, with very few seeds. Both the flesh and juice are a vibrant reddish orange.

* Mushroom (right): We’re excited to feature Canadian-grown Champs Mushrooms, offering Crimini, White and Portabella mushrooms in 8-ounce retail packs and 5 pounds cases. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this lower price alternative to our customers!

Orion Nectarine: This mid-winter stonefruit surprise is coming in from New Zealand. The skin is light yellow, with a generous amount of dark red blush, and is large for a nectarine.

* Red Thai Chili (left): Similar to the Serrano, with just a little more heat, and hints of fruit and earthiness. If you saw our article, Top Produce Trends of 2023, you’d know that demand for spice is more popular than ever. Make sure you’re packing heat this season!

Royal Mandarin: Also known as the Temple Orange, ancestor to many citrus varieties. The flavor is sweet, very juicy and acidic, with hints of lemon and orange. Easy to peel, with some seeds. High in vitamin C and antioxidants!



Asparagus: Mexican-grown asparagus is in good supply with competitive pricing. Quality is strong!

Delicious green skinned bacon avocado cut open* Avocado (right): Bacon and Zutano avocados both have volume deals available. Zutano is pear-shaped with thin green skin, and green flesh that is low in oil. Bacon is oval-shaped with smooth, dark green skin and a buttery, creamy texture. Contrary to its name, Bacons are 100% vegan and have no bacon flavoring.

Celery: Steady supply; prices are coming down, and worth every penny. Winter celery is the sweetest!

Cherimoya: A taste of the tropics in the middle of winter! This delicious fruit is available for volume discounts! The flavor is sweet and can be described as a mix of banana and pineapple with hints of strawberry thrown in. Tropical flavors from Santa Barbara!

Seedless Grape: Both Red & Green from Peru are going longer than expected! Get your customers excited about these great snack items!

 * Grapefruit (left): Ruby and Rio Red grapefruit from B&J Ranch are both priced to move. Rubys are sweet and juicy with a hint of tang and pink flesh. Rio Reds are sweet-tart flavored with a darker pink flesh. Did you know all fruit from B&J is 100% unwaxed? Waxing is a common practice to preserve and extend shelf life for produce, only non-syntheic and edible wax is permitted on organic fruits

Pink Lady Apple: Sharp pricing on 113 Count from Viva Tierra. Ask about pallet pricing for a sweet volume deal.

Rainbow Chard: Strong quality and steady supply on this leafy green. Add some color to your wet rack displays!

Yellow ‘A’ Potato: Excellent supply coming out of Oregon, with promotable pricing.



Arugula: Quality has been impacted by the cold.

Baby Broccoli: Product is not sizing up as quickly as expected, due to the cold.

Bell pepper: Both Yellow and Orange are limited.


Delicata Squash

Eggs: Eggs continue to be affected by higher feed prices, cold weather, avian flu prevention, and logistics.

Kabocha Squash


Done for the season

Asian Pear: All varieties

Ojai Kishu Tangerine


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